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Lost ARG – New Site! New Video!

By docarzt,

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Lost-arg-2.jpgThere is a new site in the Lost arg!  There is also a mobisode style video that goes along with it. 

So essentially, the game thus far is like a mini interactive episode.  It begins with the video Sam inserts into the site.

Sam, an Oceanic System’s Analyst, is our hero.  His partner, Sonya, is a flight attendant who was on Oceanic 815.  Sam comes to us in the hours approaching the announcement that the search for 815 is about to be called off and that the airline will be resuming operations, but he smells a rat.  He wants answers.  We can find them on

Once there we see some footage with Sam receiving a mysterious email with a picture of Sonya.  Something is not quite right.  We can sleuth around to find clues by zooming in on the picture.  For the breakdown of the clues and some hires of the videos, jump ahead.  Beware of game spoilers!


Thanks to Vex for helping me through this.  You zoom in and you’ll find these bits of text hidden on her face.  Click on them and they will be added to a note pad.  Once you have clicked all of them, you move on to the next video.

Next up is helping Sam find the identity of the person who sent him the picture with the embedded clues.   After reviewing the email, we find a domain name, AND a new SITE!  Add: to your list of sites to watch.


Nosing around the site I found a number of additional clues and some hidden graphics files, including what looks like a t-shirt logo:


Nice, yes?

  • So now we play the waiting game.. a mere 46 hours until there is an update :p At least this Arg tells you when to stop looking and go to bed 😉

  • Something I just found after finishing up on the arg for the night, was rewatching the newscast I noticed the numbers scrolling along the bottom for the stock exchange, and figured if they are real numbers, I may be able to build a timeline for this ARG. And voila, I found that all those numbers only show up on one date, Jan 14 2006.

    Here are 2 screencaps, one showing the 815 news cast numbers, and one showing the real world numbers and date from the exchange.

    Also, there is a clear version of the newscast without Sam getting in the way on youtube here:

  • Andrew

    Guess who’s back and is going to be your LA Rep…. that’s right Andrew aka Tapdawg. Yay!

  • Andrew, I was wondering when you were going to show! And, you’re too late…I’ve already taken the LA rep spot. LOL. J/K

    It looks like they’re throwing a little more money into the production this time. It sort of has a Heros 360 feel to it (Although that ARG is NOTHING compared to TLE).

    And I do think it’s funny that there is a clock telling us when to come back. I guess maybe it did get a little out of hand the first round. I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent on my computer looking for clues. LOL. Well, here’s to round 2.

    Well, I’m ringing the New Year in by watching LOST season 1. I’m on disc 4, so I best be getting back to that! HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone!!!

  • DocArzt

    Alright Andrew! We are getting the Band back together. :D! Don’t worry NightmareMommie, we can’t have enough LA correspondents. Is it time for me to add a forum to this site? I’m seriously debating it…

  • Okay, so I couldn’t stay away that long…my mind keeps racing…Has anyone looked up info about the Sunda Trench? There are plates that run along it responsible for the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake (which led to the Dec. 24 tsunami). I keep running through my mind what or how it could be related to 815 since I don’t believe the flight should have been anywhere near there. I’m going to open google maps right now and find out where exactly the Sunda Trench is and where Fiji is (since we know that’s where the plane was headed).

  • Yeah, I was right. The places are actually much further apart that I originally thought (sorry I’ve never left the US except to go to Baja California so I don’t know where ANYTHING is LOL).

    The route 815 was on would have taken them East of Australia, while the Sunda Trench is West. Any thoughts?

  • I wasn’t aware of the original TLE, and I’d love to be a part of the hunt this time.

    The link on my name will be a link to my blog that I’ve created for this hunt.


    Just curious and anxious to get hunting techniques Doc, how did you find that pic?

  • Donnie

    Hmmmm. The Log In page for the Maxwell Group is actually located in a subdirectoy of… Ismell a conspiracy! …. okay maybe not lol.

  • Darting here again, I’m having trouble with the site – the secret clues won’t work, and I’ve zoomed in so far that I can see every pixel, but still nothing. Someone said there’s supposed to be a zoom-thingy on the monitor, but I can’t see it anywhere.

  • preztige

    Nightmare Mommie, I dont think that the Indian Earthquake will show any effect on flight 815, but I believe what happens on the island (involving the huge magnet) is what might cause earthquakes and tsunamis throughout the earth. This will enforce the idea that we cannot see the island, but that doesnt mean that it doesnt exist

  • Desmundo

    I just have to congratulate Mac ad for figuring out the stock market/time connection. What time this game was supposed to be set in was driving me crazy. Awesome find!

  • Can we borrow a pic from you Doc for the LP wiki? The one with Sonya and the words on her face works perfect for us, we’ll site you of course, but if i make one after seeing yours it would be essentially the same :p and I noticed Andy is using it so i fig its no deal, but i always ask first 😉

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