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LOST – Find 815 – Chapter 1 Part 2 – The Clues

By docarzt,

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815.jpgThe clue hunt turns up four clues total, one corresponding to each season of Lost.  Each clue includes a series of images.  The season 4 clue looks like it may be canonical to the game as well as the show. Click on through for the images.

The newest clue is also something very familiar to those playing the game:  The number to the Oceanic Hotline.  I tried calling and got the familiar Georgia Cavanaugh voice mail, left her another message demanding the truth, tried back and got just ringing.  My prediction:  something is happening with that phone number.


Below are thumbnails of the season 1-3 clues. Click to open them in a new window. Note that there are a different number of snaps for each season: six for season one, seven for season two, and eight for season three.  Is there a message there?  Hey.  This is Lost.  Who knows!