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Lost – Find 815 – Chapter 1 Recap

By Koobie,

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Thumbnail image for 815.jpgThe last week has being pretty hectic and posts being constantly updated it is possible that you have missed an update or two, like finding a tutorial, what is the maxwell group, or what exactly is written on Sam’s desk?  Or you may even be a religious follower of the game and want a refresher.  Well don’t worry, because we have put together a recap where you can find everything you want to know about the first week of the game!

Part Zer0: The Build-Up

Press Release

The Lost ARG (Alternate Reality Game) started out on December 28 with a strange press release from ABC.  It claimed that Oceanic Airlines is back in business and revealed the new slogan of Oceanic, “Taking You Places You Never Imagined.”  With a list of character specific destinations and a mysterious number, one question flooded the internet is this the launch of the long awaited sequel to The Lost Experience?

Contact Number
The number on the bottom of the press release belonged to Georgia Cavanagh.  When fans called (818) 460-5520 they were greeted with a message, which declared a new website,, to be launching soon.  Before the site was launched it had a strange cryptic message which when decoded read “CHANGES WILL OCCUR! A KEEN EYE IS NEEDED!”

The Launch of
The website officially launched on December 29.  It featured a short commercial claiming again to take you places you never imagined and a link to the previously mentioned press release. Hacked!
On the first day of the new year, was hacked. The video was distorted during the commercial, showing flashes of The commercial was cut short to reveal our hero, Sam Thomas played by Rodger Corser. He told the fate of Oceanic Flight 815, that his soon-to-be fiancee, Sonya, was on that flight, and the search was to be canceled within a few hours. He said, “Oceanic wanna begin flying again, taking you places you never imagined, well, I never imagined being taken to the place I am right now.”

Part One: The Search for Flight 815

Intro Video
When you go to you are greeted with an episodic video of Sam Thomas sitting in his apartment watching himself on the news. The stocks on the news ticker are the same as they were on January 13, 2006 which leads us to conclude that it is the date (thanks to Jay). On the news Sam is lashing out against Oceanic Airlines, saying he wants answers, but at home Sam receives a mysterious email complemented by a picture of Sonya.


One of these Things is Not Like the Other
After the Intro Video is over you come to the interactive portion of this chapter. Sam has taped his photo of Sonya to the screen in order to contrast it to the emailed photo. This is where you come in, you zoom in on the different areas on the photo to find 4 hidden messages. (Click to Enlarge)


After that is accomplished you will trigger the next video and second activity.

Cryptic Messages
Sam replies to the unknown sender “Who are you?”, and he gets a auto reply of garbled information. But somewhere in there is the clue to find out who sent this. After sifting through the email we find, and the next video is revealed. (click to enlarge)


Mysterious Website
If you decided to follow the information from the second activity and visited, you would find a login screen featuring the Logo for the Maxwell Group. If this image is enhanced, as Fabio found, a curled snake is revealed. The site may be useful at a later date, only time can tell.

Pack Sam’s Backpack
In between parts one and two of Chapter 1, two different versions of a puzzle game were released. In these games you will have to rearrange Sam’s belongings so they all fit in the backpack. When finished one of two clue words, Matthew or Abaddon, will be revealed. These clue words are used in the Clue Hunt. Here is the tutorial video to solve these puzzles.

The Where’s Waldo of Lost
The second part of Chapter 1 is the Clue Hunt. When you continue the story a short video is shown. Sam is walking around his bedroom, and sees the image of Sonya in an open window. Cue the Clue Hunt, scattered around Sam’s bedroom are season 1-4 clues and you have to find them. After finding the 4th clue you are sent to do the Pack Sam’s Backpack puzzle game, then input either Matthew or Abaddon into the code box. The final clue is the Oceanic Hotline number (888) 548-0034, when called it gives the same voice mail as before by Georgia Cavanaugh.

Thumbnail image for ch2-solution.jpg

Video Diary
The last update of chapter 1 is the video diary. It resembles the video shown on the hacked website, except we are given more information about Sonya.

Part Two: Sam Thomas’ Workspace

Sam’s Inventory
When you click on Sam’s Desk, you given a top down view of the desk. There are three interactive items on the desk: a laptop, a phone, and a flight manifest.

Phone Message
There is one message left by Sam’s “mum” telling him that she is worried about him.

Flight Manifest
The Flight Manifest has the names and descriptions of nine main characters on Lost.

Hidden Image
On top of the desk is a faint overlay of math equations. When the flash is decompiled, a hidden image is revealed.

(Click to Enlarge)

Part Three: Messages from the Web

Along with the emails that were in the activity, there are three received emails. Click to Enlarge.

inbox1.JPGThe first received email is from someone named Tracy who says the “Christiane I” is docked at Jakarta, and it is going to leave on an expedition soon.

inbox2.JPGThe second email is from David with details of the flight he got for Sam to Jakarta.

emailjan3.JPGThe final email received during chapter 1 is the most unfortunate one.  It is the notification of Sam’s unemployment from Oceanic Air.

Here are the messages that Sam has sent, including the secret message that was pulled soon after it was released on the website.

sent1.JPGThe first sent message is for Tracy. Sam asks if she can find the Christiane I, but he can’t say why.

sent2.JPGThe second sent email is to David, Sam asks him to get him plane tickets to Jakarta.

emailjan3sent.JPGThe third message is to Austral Air HR, Sam is asking for a job.

Email 3.JPGThe secret email is to Mr. Dowling of Oceanic Air.  Sam is just making sure all his ducks are in order with them.

Part Four:  Sites of Interest
On Sam’s laptop there are two websites the first of which is Fly Oceanic Air.  Sam was the one that hacked it, and since then it has been on his laptop.

Sunda Trench
The Sunda Trench was revealed during the first activity in Part 1.  Sam is doing some research on the trench and from what we can tell from the emails, he plans to visit it.

(Click to Enlarge)

Part Five: Oceanic Ad Campaign

Locations, Slogans, & Characters
On the same day as Launched the first billboard appeared in Portland, OR.  Ever since then new billboards have been popping up every day at locations that mirror the destinations of Oceanic Air.  (All Images Click to Enlarge)

Los Angeles, CA (Jack, Hurley): “The adventure begins here.”

Tustin, CA (Locke): “Discover the mysteries of Berlin.”

Ames, IA (Kate): “Lose yourself in London.”

Miami, FL (Juliet): “Discover the mysteries of Berlin.”

New York, NY (Michael): “Lose yourself in London.”

Portland, OR (Ben): “A new life awaits you in Seoul.”

Knoxville, TN (Sawyer): “Find your way back to LA.”
(enhanced image, Thanks to The ODI)

Seoul, South Korea (Sun, Jin): “You have arrived at your ultimate destination”
(enhanced image, Thanks to The ODI)

Sydney, Australia (Claire): “Fly to LA.”
sydney_billboard copy.jpg

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  • Jollygood11

    Did anyone else notice that in the message from “Mum” that in the captioning she says he will “Loose his job” instead of “Lose his job”.
    Just a typo maybe

  • BevM

    If you turn on subtitles while checking out the clues, the phone message from Mum isn’t subtitled but has a waveform pattern. Any significance?

  • Jollygood11

    I wonder what would happen if the message was played backwards?

  • betsey1015

    Anyone notice that the ring box in the last video diary has a jeler’s named stamped in it? It says (I believe) “Manhattan.”
    In the earlier shots, the ring box has nothing.

  • jroberts

    I know it’s been widely speculated anyway because of the satelite phone Naomi had when she parachuted to the island, but doesn’t this ARG confirm that Naomi and the frieghter are from the future?

    Unless she was out and out lying, she said that Oceanic flight 815 had been found and there were no survivors. She didn’t say the search had been called off and it was presumed there were no survivors.

    This ARG is said to be canon, this means that the frieghter is from a time after Jan. 13 2006 as noted in the video with the stock ticker. This proves, without a doubt, that time travel of some form is happening. I know we all assume that anyway, but this is the first concrete confirmation that I can recall we have. If they were from anytime before that date she would not be able to make that statement truthfully.

    This would fit in with Walt be accounted for regarding his growth.

    Another pssibility, I guess, would be that, as speculated by some, time on the island does not move at the same pace as the rest of the world.

    If the ARG is canon, and I believe it is, this is confirmation of one of those theories

  • pauinha6

    jroberts: my personal!!! belief is that the stock market clue doesn’t mean anything and that all the date leading clues were removed from the site because this “game” is before jan 2006.

    i believe that Sam is living in a present not to far from the crash time (Sep 2004) and is possibly in the same freighter Naomi came from.

    As for Naomis sayin’… i never trusted Naomi, to me she is a liar through and through.

    Maybe there was a plane wrekage found in the deep sea in teh Sunda trench, but i believe we will learn more about that as the game evolves! (or at least i hope really really bad :D)

  • Koobie

    Naomi wasn’t trying to lie when she told Hurley that everyone on the plane was dead, she was acting on misinformation.

    Since we now know that she was just there to bring her people in the freighter to the island. She most likely didn’t even know that much about Flight 815, she just heard that they called off the search and declared everyone dead. But when she found out that the Losties could help her contact the boat, she started lying to cover her tracks and to gain trust with them. And that ultimately got her exactly what she wanted.

  • vcaulkins

    Does anyone have a password to get into the voicemail when calling in? It gives a mailbox # to enter, but I don’t know where to find the password.

    Sorry, can’t figure out how to paste letter here.

  • Koobie


    The waveform appears to be aesthetic.


    I played the message backwards, nothing special popped up.

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