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LOST – Find 815 – Chapter 2 – Message for Mum

By docarzt,

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Props to Koobie for the cap:

  • preztige

    copy mums recordings on protools or vegas sonic foundry and then pair them up together….play them backwords or something. Those sound waves have to be a part of something or show something. Why else would they show you the sound waves of a message?

  • JEM

    Random Q–can anyone tell me what the ‘activity’ is for Chapter 1? I’ve done everything so far in Chapters 1 and 2, but for some reason the ‘activity’ box in Chapter 1 is still red for me. Anyone know??

  • Monk Satyr

    the activity for Chapter One is the picture of Sonya. You need to make sure you click on all four ‘clues’ (it will then be added to the ‘notepad’ that pops-up in the lower-right corner) and then check your progress, should be green for you now – hope that helps 🙂