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LOST – Find 815 – Chapter 4 Part 1 Chart Plotter Hack

By docarzt,

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plotter-game.jpgThe end is approaching quickly, and the closer we get the harder the games seem to be.  Tonight’s was probably the hardest yet.  For those of you who haven’t attempted yet the rules are like this:

Sam has hacked out 8 characters of the password.  Only 5 actually belong and the order is unknown.  We have 10 attempts to get it right. Oh, and everytime you fail the 8 characters change.  There may be easier ways to win and I definitely hope you’ll submit your strategy.  Here is mine.

I started out with the strategy that I was going to lose, alot, but hope for the best.  So what I did was enter only one letter at a time in each row.  Odds are in your favor that you’ll have eliminated the negatives within five tries.  You know they are a negative if all of the dots are black.  One red dot and they are part of the password.

In your remaining attempts its all about the order.  Lay out a random order them turn the letters in twos.  The order of the dots do not mean anything.  If you are luck, again prepare to lose many times, you will move a character into place, then use another group to try to determine which of the two is in place.  When you move the one that is in place, you’ll lose a dot.  When you move the others, if you are luck you will gain more.  The more you have, the fewer moves it takes to figure it out.  It took me about seven attempts to solve.