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Lost – Find 815 – EW’s Doc Jensen Chimes In!

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tee_black_small.jpgAs you have probably noticed, Entertainment Weekly’s Lost sage Jeff “Doc” Jensen has been conspicuously absent for several weeks while the storm of boredom called the “hiatus” has rocked the fandom.  My prediction is this:  Doc Jensen hasn’t been gone at all, he was teleported into the future after coming too close to the original print of the Orchid Orientation film.  Regardless, Doc Jensen is back! 

I received an email from Doc J this morning with some insider intel on the ‘Cloverfield’ frame, a continuity error in the games story line, and a Doc Jensen prediction concerning Sam’s fate in Jakarta!  Could this mean Doc Jensen will be appearing on in the near future?  I think so!  Read on for Doc J’s words of wisdom.

UPDATE:  Doc Jensen IS back.  Be sure to check out his new article as well.

Doc Jensen Writes:

1. An informed source tells me that the alleged Cloverfield/Find 815/Lost link is not in game–meaning that, most likely, the Cloverfield frame embedded in the Sam Thomas video was fan generated.

2. Find 815 chronology asserts that Oceanic didn’t resume service until Dec. 31, 2007. But the flash forward sequence in the season three finale, in which we saw Jack flying on an Oceanic flight (making use of his Oceanic “golden tickets”), took place in April 2007 according to the date on the newspaper he was reading. This discrepancy is indeed a continuity error, according to a good source.

3. Doc Jensen prediction: Sam Thomas will board the Christiane I in Jakarta; the salvage vessel will get caught in a storm and sink; Sam will survive and be saved by a passing ship–The Freighter. Alas, The Freighter will have no interest in returning him to the mainland any time soon… but it will take him right to where Sonya might be.