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LOST – Find 815 – Is Rachel Blake Searching for 815?

By docarzt,

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2159926952_deb90244a4_m.jpgAt the Flickr Channel for Find 815, a very familiar face has posted a T-Shirt pick.  It appears to be none-other-than Jamie Silberhartz AKA Rachel Blake from The Lost Experience!  Go Rachel!
  • Good to see her face again!

  • redheadgal

    She’s not on there anymore… any reason why?

  • Hi Doc – this picture is a fake. I confirmed this with Jamie. The picture is her, but she was not aware of the new game and did not take a picture in the Find 815 shirt. I don’t have your e-mail address but have forwarded the communication with Jamie to my fellow sysops at Lostpedia and hopefully one of them will pass it along.


  • Roger

    We love Rachel…Ms. Silberhartz created a unforgettable character..Please bring her into the Lost Universe again.