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Lost – Find 815 – Morse Code Debunked! Updated

By docarzt,

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One of the more intriguing propositions lately was made over at DarkUFO’s Find815 blog.  The idea is that the numbers may be embedded in the static on the radio.  Could the numbers be related to cosmic background radiation?  Just kidding with that one.

So I decided to ‘look’ at the sound wave.  Often times, this will make any patterns obvious.  What you see, though, is not so much a pattern of morse as much as an inversion of one loop.  This could be done to, say, take a couple of bumps of static and turn them into a random pattern.  When you ‘look’ at the wave, you can see that on either side of the largest spike there seems to be a mirrored effect.  If you isolate that segment alone you see that it is repeating on either side.  By reversing something like static, it becomes easier to tag on more ‘time’ with out having splices that might produce a pop or click.

My opinion is:  I’m open minded, but this looks more like manipulation of the waveform to create a looping sound effect than a message.  In isolating peaks, there was no discernable pattern that would lend any credence to the morse idea. Further more, if you isiolate the piece that is being inverted and repeated, it isn’t really long enough to contain the morse message.

This is definitely a case of something that ‘should’ have been there, but wasn’t. 


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There is no doubt in my mind now that the morse is an illusion.  The ‘static’ is actually a nine second clip inverted and pasted, inverted again and pasted.  I proved this by loading the selection I suspected and inverting it.  As you can see,  the inverted pattern (the one on the right) matches perfectly with the peaks of the unmodified wave.  Nine seconds is not enough time to insert the Morse, and you wouldn’t get the pattern by constantly inverting a 9 second clip.