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Lost – Find 815 – Theory, Poll, and Talk Time

By docarzt,

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One of the things that got me stoked the most about Find815 was the fact that the game seems to be relatively well connected to the mythology of the show, where “The Lost Experience” built a new mythology on the contours of the show.  One of the most frustrating factors about TLE was the numerous fake outs,  moments where it felt like we were connecting with the Lost-verse only to find out we were being fed some Red Herring.

Will Find815 end up in the same place, despite the indications
otherwise?  It certainly seems like Sam has a date with the wreckage of
815, but at the same time it seems like revealing any major piece of
information would be unfair to the Lost fans who, *gasp*, have no
interest in the game.

My theory is that at some point Sam is
going to experience a Lost-ism, a twist of fate that has his search for
wreckage, something which captivates us, taking a back seat to an
entirely original quest. Of course, with only 20 days to go until the
end of Find815 and the premiere of Lost season 4, it could be that Sam
will get dangerously close to revealing a truth before his quest is
brought to an end.  Just in time to have us totally pumped for the
Season Four premiere, of course.

But enough of what I think will happen.  What is your opinion, seekers?