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LOST – Find 815 – Video Diary #3

By docarzt,

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And some glitches after the jump:

  • Sailor

    Look at the upper right hand corner of the 2nd to last screen shot. Does that look like brail to you? Could it be a code for something?

  • daisy

    If it were Braille it would be

    W ( or possibly WITH ), D, X, I, H, A, D,F, J, A

    Hmm, helpful ! Lol !

  • Lame

    Doc, come on. Obviously anybody who comes to this site has seen the video and even if they haven’t they wouldn’t start here, they would start at the beginning. This was a waste of time. Don’t just post anything because nothings happening in the game as of right now.

  • Samfishercell

    Hmm…could the letters be a clue to unlocking that email with all the letters in it (unless that’s already been solved….I’ve been sporadically paying attention to find815 due to difficulty accessing it when new stuff goes live…)

  • Kristin and Rob

    In braille it is definitely
    ST D X I H A D F J I
    but what exactly could that mean? Anybody already know the stuff with the Stegosaurus? Maybe it’s the password here?

    Oh, yeah – and: if you invert the colours in the last picture you get a puzzle with the picture of James Clerk Maxwell in it. He was a physician in the field of .. tadaa ELECTROMAGNETISM

    The Stego:
    As far as I know, someone posted a link in a chatroom. That link goes to some FlickR account that has a picture on it with a lot of skulls. The skulls are a font that can be translated to (that is the site Trace wrote Sam in an earlier email). So if you write to the site’s email you will get a coded mail like the Maxwell-mails. In this mail appears another link: with the picture of a stegosaurus. The picture is a clue to the program OpenStego, which can hide messages in pictures. So we guess that somewhere in this picture could be a message, but to use the OpenStego program you actually need a password – maybe the braille is an anagram and could be the password for OpenStego?? Anyone got ideas??

    (Sorry for my bad english. 😉 )

  • Kristin

    I found the last one with the stego on

  • art

    is it possible that the braille is morse code instead? someone mentioned that “amuses mr. ole” in the email from anagrams to “Samuel Morse”. just a possibility

  • Fiz

    Lame, don’t be lame. This is for people who can’t be bothered to go to the site because, e.g. it’s down.

  • Lame

    Fiz,I mean that anyone who hasn’t seen the earlier videos would start at the beginning of doc’s coverage, not the beginning of And no disrespect for the good Doctor, i’ve just been anticipating more stuff from the end of clue hunt 3 to the present.

  • DocArzt

    Hey Lame, feel free to join the team man, we need ya. There is only 2-3 of us right now. But we have, none the less, made some significant finds here.

  • JEM

    Keep up the good work, Doc.

  • Faith

    If I could help out, I would. Some screen shots I can get and all. The video stuff, different story. I don’t have programs to copy them but yeah, I would help out.

  • katsu

    well one thing why is there a woman in like the first two pictures humm just a thought