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My Big Fat Lost Find 815 Chapter 2 Update

By docarzt,

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Thumbnail image for tee_black_small.jpgSo first the why.  I’ve been going back and forth between redesigning portions of the site (to be unveiled tomorrow) and trying to catch up on free lance work, and as a result the updates have suffered.  I appreciate you guys for hanging out and continuing to look.  Here are a few of the more important things to surface since last night’s update.

A webpage for The Black Rock turned up on Sam’s Lap Top.  This is hugely important.  For one thing, it really shows how much Find 815 ties into the universe of the show, unlike The Lost Experience.  The Black Rock is a significant part of Lost lore and it’s presence here can only mean that the Black Rock will figure heavily into season 4 at some point.  How?  I have a theory… but that’s a different post.

Next is a fine bit of sleuthing from friends Matt and Justwillow.   Willow sent in this highlighted version of the “numbers” email that turned up on Sam’s laptop:


According to Matt:

In the recent e-mail the gray numbers, 11.1784, put that into Google earth and it is Long/Lat and places you in Nigeria. Mr. Eko was from Nigeria, any more to his story?

I have a feeling there will be a lot more to this story tomorrow Matt!