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Ninja and Speaker Return for the new LOST ARG. 815?

By docarzt,

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ninja.gifMystery is afoot and the Lost world’s favorite truth seekers are on the lurk for answers yet again.  Both The Lost Ninja and Speaker have returned to the blogosphere for the new game, Ninja at his usual haunt, and speaker at an all new home:, an excellent blog run by a friend of mine, Hijinx, that is dedicated to all things Bad Robot.

The boys will once again be cyber-narrators and bona fide info sources for the mysterious all new game.

The actual details of the game are still being debated, but it is safe to assume that if Oceanic was shut down for losing Flight 815, they must be reopening in approximation to finding the  plane.

As for the name of the game, Speaker’s post at EPM was done in the category “815.”  Could that be the name of the new ARG?

Speaker actually posted a video intro on EPM, which is included below, but be sure to visit EPM to commune with the mysterious one and put the comment system to the test.

  • Did you just snark my comment section? I told you we fixed it 😛 Though they do get held for moderation – especially YOURS!

  • DocArzt

    Hehe…. no, I was more snarking the ludicrous amount of comments that Speaker generates. Some people just have no life. 😉

  • Seriously… what is it about Speaker that makes people talk so much? It can’t be his looks. 😉 (Had to do it, Speaker.)

  • Hey, jinxie – we has captcha now! no more moderation needed 😉 (took me long enough, right?)

    Vex – I make people talk? then that’s their flaw not mine 😉

  • KeepingAwake

    I’d say that there is going to be nothing spoilery in this, since Speaker thought it was hilarious that the new Oceanic site was posted in the spoiler section at the ‘lage. I’ll take that as a clue rather than out and out snarkiness. 😉

    Doc, not sure why finding the plane has anything to do with the resurrection of the Oceanic site? You seem pretty sure that it does. Might you elaborate?

  • Yay! Glad to see Speaker and Ninja back. Let the games begin!!! WOOT!

  • DocArzt

    KeepingAwake: I’m just guessing, really. Maybe I’m wrong. 😀

  • That Speaker and his purple flashes on hope sure do seem to get an awful lot of comments…. perhaps some of you wanna come give me some love?

    Also – Doc, i LOVE your new home! Great work buddy!

    *resumes snooping…*

  • Desmundo

    I would like to extend to you, Ninja, my love. Doc, I’m so glad to be at your site again.