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Our Mutual Friend – An Overlooked ‘Lost’ Connection?

By docarzt,

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It’s easy top miss this because at first glance it appears a simple indication that anagrams may be involved in OMF’s now famous flickr page.

Many of the pictures have a “lost” connection.  The reverse big dipper is part of Lost lore from some time back.  The ‘Numbers’ 4815162342 encoded in her strap with +8.  Could that mean 108+8?  116?

The anagram line, though, is from “The Temple:  Sacred Poems and Private….” ahem “Private…” uh, something that should be private.   You can get the whole book here for free.

  • HumeLocke

    Doc, I read all the comments on the braillegate post and I wrote a reply but by the time I got finished writing the post was gone. And the death of find815 was gone too. I was really upset about Sunspots comments so I saved what i wrote anyways. I imagine you deleted the post b/c of all the drama, but i’m sure there are many like me who were about to leap to your defense when they disappeared. Well here is my post anyways.

  • HumeLocke

    Doc, I have contributed a few times here but i have stayed out of the FEW arguments I have seen here. Silence no more.When there are people who are openly insulting you on your own site it really bothers me. Sunspot, you are obviously playing devils advocate just to start fights. If you didn’t like it here or at any of Doc’s recommended sites (zero, etc) why the ?ell would you donate money to a lame site like tts? I doubt this very seriously, anyways I don’t think that the internet cafe where you use the net would let you stay on that long. I mean there are thousands of other refugees standing in line. Just get offline and go back to your shanty and eat your UN ration grain. Doc is obviously the number one authority on LOST and I listen to his word as truth most times. DarkUFO is a group of people collaborating to come up w/ answers. Doc is Jon Lachonis, one man, one brain. I have faithfully followed Doc from TTS to here and never faltered b/c he has always had everything I need, fast (quality mobisodes on MONDAYS, find815 coverage, theories, games, etc.). How can you put such a great,hardworking person down? Imagine how much time Doc spends working on things for us to enjoy here, not to mention all while having a family. I am sure there are hundreds of times he would rather be playing with his son than answering some bozo’s question about why the statue has only four toes. I am sorry to write so much but I admire and respect Mr. Lachonis very much for all that he has done to open the world of LOST to me. Thats all.

  • SunSpot

    Humlocke. you havent got a clue.

    I have supported and read Docartz stuff since TTS started almost. I contributed until I felt that the site was running itself (via popups, ads) once it went to buddy TV I dropped it. I dont like buddy TV but thats just me. I only care about info for one show, Lost. I also didnt like the drama that unfolded between TTS and Station zer0, so I dropped them too. I occasionally surf Fusalage, and always read DarkUFO (if I want up to date stuff). None of that has anything to do with Jon.

    What has to do with Doc.s (now deleted posts and replies that you can no longer read) is that The info DarkUFO got was the same info from OMF42 that several other sites got. The darkUFO peeps decided to work with it when the rest dismissed it. I was there when the visit was made and the clue was dropped BOTH TIMES. And both times its was a simple one line post then exit type thing. Not like the answer was given. So to complain and make a stink about it, is like sour grapes and a loss of face for Docartz IMO. Your opinion may differ, but then I dont really care.

    Since Doc’s enthusiasm for LOST and writing ability (and coutless hours monitoring websites and gathering info) all helped him to get well connected and a fan $upported and official invitation to talk to cast member s in Hawaii, I say would that was a nice reward. (well deserved) Cant think of any other cinderella stories like that from just watching a TV show. But to then claim DarkUFO s getting special treatment for ONE CLUE in a game, i find it in very bad taste. So now its like…Take yer football and go home. I quit. Delete posts that look bad, rewrite the dissertaion to read better. LOL man…

    Whatever. I’ll still read Doc’s interviews. But If I want info before anyone else has it, I will go UFO.

    See ya in another life brutha.

  • HumeLocke

    Sunspot-You are certainly much more articulate when you aren’t making lude, insulting remarks, but in my opinion a trip to Hawaii is not reward enough to do all the work Doc has done over the last 3-3 1/2 years. I mean, he does a lot more than watch TV. I would assume that up until he was noticed by UGO, ABC, and others, that blogging for LOST was a fairly fruitless labor. How many people out there do menial jobs for much more money than Doc makes, while providing nowhere near the amount of entertainment and fun Doc does for peanuts. Sorry about the UN comments but I have silently watched hundreds of people bash Doc, and i’m just a little put out by it all. I think he deserves much praise for all that he has done for the show. I have checked all the fansites many times and the only ones worth reading daily are Dark’s and Doc’s, with Doc taking my vote b/c of interface. Dark is just a little too spread out and harder to find what i want. You are certainly entitled to your opinion as we all are, but respectfully i disagree.

  • numbersarebad

    Can’t we all get along? This is about the connections between Lost and Our Mutual Friend. I was hoping to see people talk about that!

  • Koobie

    If you think this is all about us being angry because they didn’t give us the clues, you couldn’t be more wrong. It is the fact that these Clues and Hints are being put on other sites besides the website, which makes them less accessible to the community as a whole.

    There are most likely a whole slew of people that are playing this game without knowledge of any fan sites, and that puts them at a disadvantage.

    But back on topic, the Doc and I were almost 100% sure that it was a creative way of someone who found the website before it released, and they were having a little fun with it. I am pretty excited to see how all these OMF42 pictures fit into the game! 😉

  • Steven

    is that the big dipper constellation behind the girl with the 815 shirt? could this be some sort of star chart/map sort of thing?

  • tonilost

    Is OMF the same person who did the glyph hunt for Ch4 in London? that team of people were on point and really did a good job w/ TLE1.