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LOST First Peek – They Call Him… Jacob (SPOILER WARNING)

By docarzt,

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This pic has been floating around the web for a couple of days.  Those of you who watched the grainy, squint-inducing camera video from earlier will recognize the scene.  There has been some dispute over what it is.  Read on for the disputes, the fiction, and the reality.

The scene is a flashback to Locke’s fall.  Locke is surrounded by panicking passer-bys.  A gentleman who is named “Jacob” on the call sheet for the episode (played by Mark Pelligrino) calmly puts a book mark in his book, walks up to Locke, and whispers something to him.  Wooooo. (Source: TheTransmission).

DarkUFO reader Tony captured some awesome pics, and a little inspection will derail the argument that the phonecam scene is from Nadia’s death.  Also, if you check out the highlighted areas, you’ll discover that in the phonecam movie, you really can see Jacob in action.  Calmly walking up to Locke’s carcass – which is a mere pixel in the video.


While we’re revealing Jacob appearances… how about this shot of what appears to be Mark Pelligrino waiting between takes next to Naveen Andrews, from the nadia’s death shooting.  (Courtesy of Ryan.)


  • dolce

    This is awesome. I couldn’t make anything out in the video. I am digging the Jacob=The Observer thing.

    • brent

      Exactly. The Observer just HAPPENS to show up at just the right moment? How would he know to show up? As I said since the finale of S3, it matters when the present is, that is, how far our timeline stretches to the right before someone, Jacob perhaps, jumped backwards. Right now, we think it’s January 2008. Maybe some people donkey wheeled back from 2010. Since the show’s first episode aired on the day of the 815 crash, 9/22/04, I think the series finale will find a way to do the same thing. The series finale would thus show the events of May 12, 2010.

  • clueless1der

    Veddddddy Interesting. If nothing else this will finally kill all the Jacob is________ theories! Cause for rejoicing!

    • dolce

      I agree. Now we are just left with all the “the statue is….” theories. I still say vincent.

    • professorstotch

      Yes! It will! And I can’t wait!!! 😀

  • Mike

    I he like the bald guy on fringe?

    • dolce

      Something like that.

  • marc

    i didnt read this article but comment doc why would you put jacob in the header? I am a person who keeps away from spoiler and any hint that i will see jacob is my worst nightmare. Honestly i love the sight this, but beyond coming back to checking if u respond this is my last visit. thats f-d up.

    • professorstotch

      Dude, this could’ve been anything. All you know is that it’s something about Jacob. The title gives NOTHING away. And no offense but, isn’t this like the 100th time you’ve complained about spoilers and said you were leaving?

    • Cody

      Oh, great. Now that Marc’s gone what are we gonna do. Marc, “f-d” would probably be “f’ed”. you see its “f” for the whole word, then an apostrophe, then whatever ending you would like to throw out there. Like, “Marc, you’re an f’ing idiot.”

      • dolce

        Hilarius!LOL!You and Stotch. Priceless. No offense marc, but it is what it is.

        • dolce


      • This Marc… is not not me, just to make things clear

        • only one not, not two of them

          • professorstotch

            Lol, you just double-negative’d yourself! I knew it was you!

          • Dolce

            funny again stotch!

    • docarzt

      Mentioning a name is a spoiler? As usual, the logical problem is if nothing is revealed, where is the spoiler? First peek they call him jacob could mean anything, and what it means is below the spoiler warning. Sorry Marc but I just cannot take this seriously.

      • marc

        For all you people making fun of me, i really dont care. Oh my god it really matterrd if i write f-d or f’d or fucked, we are all adults here calm down. I am not allowed to voice my complaints? Really?

        DOC: The reason why this is a spoiler to me and others is that I DID NOT KNOW JACOB WOULD BE APPEARING IN THIS SEASON OF LOST AND YOU JUST RUINED THAT SURPISE FOR ME. Why can you not wrap your mind around thr concept that just because something does not fit within your definition of a spoiler it still can be revealing something?

        Even you yourself said you would be keeping information about spoilers related topics off the main page and you cant even police yourself. Give me a break. Wouldn’t it be a lot smarter, more mindful towads all your readers, and even more intriguing if the main page just said AND THEY CALL HIM…. I certainly think so. I really had no interest in being forced into knowing that jacob would be appearing and is already cast this season meaning he is not somebody i already know, somethign that can be infered all by just reading that front page. I cant get over the fact you said you were gonna stop doing this type of thing and the buckled under pressure. Stick to your guns. damn. Maybe you should go to darkufo and look how they do that over there, although i enjoy your content and recaps here more, at least he puts all the spoilers in a seperate section labeled spoilers. AND YOU CAN’T BE SPOILED UNLESS YOU CLICK ON.

        • marc

          … click on it.. Also i know i probably sound like an asshole to all of you who love spoilers, but i am someone who still likes to be surprised by something i watch on tv or read or watch in a theater.

          But FYI i am a big supporter of this site, ive tried to keep coming back,but this whole forced spoiler thign sucks. Also ive gone on the tail section site and bashed and bashed them and told people to come here ive always supported the site even when he was on there, its just bullsht how pompous you all are.

          I have not reread any of this so if you have a response to me please leave your grammer corrections out scholars. Thanks.

          • Cody

            Marc, you’re right. It doesn’t matter how you wrote it, you’re an f’ing idiot either way. And I’m guessing you must be a detective, and a hell of a good one at that because you figured out we would be seeing Jacob this season and that he is already cast, meaning he can’t be someone we alrady know. All that just from the title? Wow.

          • marc

            This is for cody’s message below. Cody relax man. Calling me a f’ing idiot really reflects how intelligent you are. Yes we all get your hilarious joke you are making fun of the way i wrote f’ing up there. great job. As far as your attitude goes, dude chill the f*** out this who show is about people learning to not be assholes.. obviously u missed that..

            see doc these are the people who are supporting you, thanks for helping me making me look better, you should be barred from posting.. good day sir.

        • docarzt

          Marc, you read DarkUFO, yet you don’t like spoilers? Why would you think Jacob is appearing in this season from my headline? Sorry, you’re trying to hard to make it look like the title is a spoiler. You made an assumption that you know is a fact because you must have read information somewhere else to substantiate it.

          “LOST First Peek – They Call Him… Jacob (SPOILER WARNING)”

          Does not say Jacob is in season 5, or what episode, or what he even does in the episode.

          I don’t fault you personally Marc – and those that are faulting you personally need to back off – but if your definition of a spoiler is your own intuition plus the mention of a character, you should stay off the internet. Period. I said his name. Whether he appears is not revealed. No more discussion on this. Believe me, if I said – Revealed! Jacob To Appear in Season 5, I’d be apologizing profusely. All I said was meet Jacob. That could mean they settled on someone who will eventually play him, it could be a theory that we’ve already seen jacob in an episode using a spoiler to support it, it could be anything.

          I’d point out that the excerpt says nothing but there is a picture that people are in total dispute over.

          The fact is, you are overreacting. The mere mention of a name is not a spoiler.

          • marc

            Fair enough. I do read darkufo for theories and stuff, i dont click on spoilers. I do wish to say that this article is labeled with a spoiler warning though which means you must have thought it to be spoilery to a certain degree. You are also making an assumption if you are saying I read the info elsewhere. Honestly i saw jacob, figured that means he was appearing and said shit. Lol. Then i posted by clicking on comments. I think its fair for me to make the assumption that he will be appearing in this season by the header of the post. I really am not trying to stir the pot man, just trying to speak for the little guy ( people who dont like spoilers) who seem to be crazily more and more in the minority these days. And you are absolutely right it defintely could mean all those things that you are stating, but it most likely does not mean those things and it would just save alot of trouble to hold the name of the character till after the jump. It would be like saying before the season thre finale jack and kate will be off the island together. Yes that is just stating something that everyone probably already assumed would happen at some point, but my immediate thought would be this is happening soon. Anyway i said my piece. Im sorry it causes such a huge thing everytime i state my opinion about a spoiler being posted.. i appreciate the response. Thanks for keeping the site up etc..

          • neoloki

            No marc it is not a fair assumption for you to think Jacob is appearing this season by the mention of his name in the title. That is you back peddling because you know you made a mistake by calling the title a spoiler.

            People who don’t like spoilers are no more in the minority than they were at the end of season 3. I include myself here, even though I indulge now and again.

            I find this site supports spoiler free readers more than any other with similar information.

  • Lost Mom of Four

    This is a great pic!
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • professorstotch

    I like this pic a lot better than the video! At least I can see whats going on here

  • Cody

    Marc, first of all calling you an idiot does in no way reflect my intellegence because anybody can see you’re an idiot. And i dont really understand how you got the impression i need to chill or relax, i’ve been laughing since i read you’re first post.

    • marc

      To Neoloki, the article is labeled with the word spoiler. I am not back pedalling any thing. And guess what the beauty of assumptions is that i can assume wtf i want.

      To cody,

      listen man, calling me an idiot does reflect on your own level of intellignece, cause we are A talking about lost a tv show here and B talking about my personal opinion as to what i feel goes too far when it comes to revealing something in the headline on the front page of an article. Unfortuntately your laughter is not reflecting well in your writing. To me you sound like a fairly angry person who has continually called me an f’ing idiot even after doc asked you to stop with the personal attacks. Its a tv show guy, and if you can infer how smart i am from a paragraph of talking about a spoiler on a lost website, then you have some kind of amazing ability to deduce a persons intelligence based on complete bullshit lol. Maybe we should exchange SAT scores or meet and take an IQ test to see who is smarter. Maybe I think you’re the idiot. Myabe you just like hearing yourself talk which is why you keep responding to me when I dont care about what you have to say. You don’t know me buddy, but i will tell you this I may be an idiot, but i rather be that then an F’ing A-hole!! ( Did I punctuate that well enough for you?)Also, P.S while we are on the subject of correcting how I write F’ing or F-n, the proper english would be lauhing since i read YOUR first post not YOU’RE first post which is short for you are. I normally dont care about this cause we are posting on a god damn lost website, but since you pride yourself in proper punctiation i figured you should know.

      I apologize if i offended anyone at all about my posts above about my dislike of any revealing information whatsoever as I apparently effect cody so much he has not been able to stop laughing all day.

      • Dolce

        I’ll give you this marc *laughing* right or wrong, you sure know how to get people fired up!

        • marc

          Thanks Dolce, its always been an ability of mine (also laughing)

          • freakazoid

            I just watched the vid clip and it was AMAZING!!!! I mean it couldnt have been better if Scorsese shot it himself!!! WOW WOW WEEEE!!!! Someone please tell me wtf I was supposed to be looking at???? What a piece of shit and waste of time!!!

  • OneOfThem

    9 out of 10 post in this site are Spoilers… How sad..

    Really Really sad… “Spoiler Junkies United” this site should be named…

    Yea i know… tell me not to visit.. Well..thats what i’ll do..

    Would be nice to have a place and talk about lost yes..

    But not in SpoilerVille.. ba bai

    • Bonk!

      You’re a trolling doofus that has nothing to offer but negativity.

      Here are a few more spoilers:
      Bruce Willis is a ghost, Vader is Luke’s father and you are barely tolerated by your friends.

      ba bai…

      • Dolce


  • mugwumpfivethousand

    got me thinking about the watcher idea at key moments in various people backstories…..

    who is the chilled leaning buy in the background – (alpert maybe?) – and why is he so chilled bearing in mind someone just nosedived out a window…..(i will say now that my brightness on my tv wont let me actually watch it, so i can only see this guy in the photo, he might not actually be as chilled in the scene as he is in the photo)

    i didnt think that jae lee was a suicide and still dont just because he was a super rich hotel owner and sun is hardly worth eating tarmac for…..

    but what if jae lee had to die, so that jin and sun would get themselves back on track and hence ended up on the island…..

    unlikely but i need something to get me through the two week wait…..