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Lost in Media: Jimmy Kimmel’s Secrets of Lost

By ErasedSlate,

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The Jimmy Kimmel show has been airing Secrets of Lost featuring those who are in
the position of knowing the secrets of Lost.  Here are the clips to catch you
up in case you have missed them.

Secrets of Lost 1 – Feb 11

Secrets of Lost 2 – Feb 11

Secrets of Lost 3 – Feb 18

Secrets of Lost 4 – Feb 25

Secrets of Lost 5 – March 4

Secrets of Lost 6 – March 18

Secrets of Lost 7 – March 25

Secrets of Lost 8 – April 1

  • The Hurley Bird

    “Stay in school kids”! AWESOME!

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    The US…haha

  • man these are lame

    • some people CAN laugh but…

      they DON’T

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    wow….that was funny…

  • bps

    Pretty obvious that Kimmel doesn’t really like LOST and ABC makes him do this bit.

    • neoloki

      Actually that is not true at all. Everything I have read is that he’s a big fan. Watch the extra’s on season 1 dvd.

  • Ryanguy7890

    “In real life I’m Asian” That was such a great quote

  • Chuck

    Could that be a bigger blatant ripoff of “Celebrity Secrets” on Conan?

  • Ambivalentman

    I love these spots. Michael Emerson is one hell of a funny guy. As for Kimmel’s love for the show, he has always been open about how much he enjoys it.

    I especially love the clip with Kate. She was so angry with the little s*** that she sent him to stay with Grandma. Now, that’s parenting!

  • Ambivalentman

    What we need is Rose and Bernard to show up and say something like:

    Rose: When we’re not on the show…
    Bernard: Which is often…
    Rose: What we’re actually doing…
    Bernard: Is watching “American Idol.”
    Rose: (Jumping up and screaming) Go Anoop-Dawg! Whoop! Whoop!


  • Lost Mom of Four

    I love these! Thanks for posting! 🙂