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Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on Jimmy Kimmel live

By lyly ford,

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Probably last appearance of Dartlon since they want to be silence radio after the series finale will be aired (at least for a while). Here nice interview with Kimmel, there is the last spoilers ever by Darlton (do not freak out, it’s cute) and you can see once again the second sneak peek in the part2.

Enjoy !

  • Artie Deco

    One thing I will not miss will be Lyly’s completely incomprehensible posts. It’s like trying to read a Braile book visually.

    • EdMcD

      One thing I will not miss is jerks that go out of their way to insult someone that attempts to positively contribute to this community for no reward or payment other than the satisfaction of sharing. Did someone force you to come here and read her post? Thank you Lyly for posting these vids; please do your best to ignore people who were raised to be so incomprehensibly rude.

      • Ed-Mars

        Agreed, and Lyly’s french. I don’t understand why people are so rude to her, particularly when she’s volunteering her time to provide fans with news and other stuff.