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Lost – Kevin Johnson Ratings Woes

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I hate to even acknowledge this issue, but the sheer apathy I see on fan boards over LOST’s ratings decline is a bit disturbing.  A lot of fans as saying “So what?” to the fact that the show has begun to decline in ratings, under the assumption that LOST is not in any danger because of the deal that was made to complete the show.   I find that position slightly ludicrous.  I don’t have any fears that LOST will be canceled; it’s too powerful of a brand to be canceled, but my sense of pride in the show is not willing to accept the idea that we are a fandom that will allow this show to go quietly to its end marred by the sort of critical bottom feeding that revels in sharp ratings declines.  But on the sunny side, here’s my optimistic take on the numbers:

LOST very likely suffered from it’s “Miss Guided” lead-in.  Ashton Kutcher’s latest straight-from-the-gutter attempt at television, which bombed horrible.  Perhaps the seven-million people that watched it clawed their eyes out and were unable to go-on?

When LOST returns, even though it will be later, it will be the capper to the trio of power some people are predicting will be the resurgence of must-watch-tv:  Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and LOST.   I’m not looking forward to staying up another hour, but I am looking forward to the boost LOST is going to get from all those UB and GA fans vegging it for an extra hour.

LOST didn’t do as badly as first predicted.  The show actually came in around 12.9m viewers, when DVR+7 figures come in it will probably boost the bottom line considerably.