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LOST Mise-en-scène: 5.12 “Dead is Dead”

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Ready for another edition of LOST Mise-en-scène? Episode 512, “Dead is Dead,” is riddled with juicy cinematography to help tell the story. For those of you not familiar with this new feature on the filmmaking aspects of Lost, visit my first article going over what is covered and talked about.

Now, I’m going to start with admitting that I am not at all religious. However, “Dead is Dead” is chock full of visual imagery indicative of God, Hell, judgement, and salvation. Bird’s-eye-view shots from above looking down at a character as if God was watching what is happening; a character’s light source originating from above them as if the light of God is shining on those who are virtuous; characters walking into the light when they make a Godlike decision… this episode was fantastically shot and begs to be analyzed. Let’s dive right in…

Charles in Chargelost-512-dead-is-dead-02

Charles in Charge. Widmore is walking right into the camera, and the handheld shot is pushing back in his wake. He is powerful. Look how he is dominating the frame, completely overshadowing Richard. We don’t know who this guy is yet, but we know he’s more important than Neil Frogurt.


Scary, scary man. This leader of The Island is waking Ben up. In the next scene, another leader of The Island, John Locke, wakes Ben up. Awesome parallels.


This scene is lit a lot like the last scene in the episode. It’s not just dark, it’s black, as if they’re in Hell or someplace abstract. The light looks as if it’s coming from Locke, like he’s an angel.

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