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Lost News Conference – Four Toed Statue Not Too Weird!

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Lost foot statue.jpg

On the teleconference today, Damon and Carlton were asked about the rumor that ABC thought the four toed statue was too weird and had nixed it!  Well, good news for four toed foot fetishist:  the statue is not nixed and will be back.

Carlton said that interpretation of the situation was out and out false, Damon explained that originally it was a six toed foot and the network asked for it to be cut back to four toes.  Go figure.

  • Ben

    I always find people with four toes a little less strange than those with six.

    I mean, Marilyn Monroe was a freak.

  • milo

    The Marilyn thing is an urban legend.

  • theMachine

    I dont have 6 toes, but i know some people growing up who did…well ok just one person.. she always said it was not an uncommon thing though…

  • Jane

    Maybe the network figured it would be cheaper to make a four toed statue rather than a six toed statue.

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