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Lost News – Evangeline Lilly on Leno

By ErasedSlate,

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Here are the clips from her appearance.  Unfortunately, the local station pre-empted the first part with a weather warning (btw, it was to inform us that there were NOT going to be storms in the area.  grumble, grumble.).   


Discusses the three hour finale and the silliness of breaking it into an hour episode and a two hour episode two weeks later.


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You can actually detect the uneasiness of the audience as Evangeline discusses her diagnosis as a self-pacifier. Please, take the high road.


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  • WLN

    Oh, so much material, so little time. Naw… never mind, besides, I’m not funny 🙂

  • buffy

    Heh. Good for her and her “cheapness.” That will end up being a good thing later on.

  • MerlboroMan

    No words, should have sent a poet.

  • GJP

    She is ridiculously adorable, isn’t she? The self pacifying thing cracked me up!

  • rob

    man, what i wouldnt give to have her pacify me.

  • milo

    Jay is dead on with the whole “three hour/two part finale” thing.
    The last night of the show is the finale. Another hour two weeks before that is supposed to be part of the finale too? Stupid.
    Why not just say that everything after the strike is a six hour, five night finale?

  • Steve

    2 part 3 hour finale…who gives a flying &*%*&.
    Apparently some people like to be picky for no reason. If you dont like it, please go watch more reality tv!

  • Christen

    Evie’s a weirdo! LoL

  • ForgivenTheWarlord

    MerlboroMan, great quote! :o)

    Milo: or why not have the entire season be a jumbo-sized 15 hour finale? I agree, it’s pretty funny.

    How many of us tuned in for the mega-sized 23 hour premiere episode back in ’04?


    She is hot, pretty, and adorable 😀

  • Zach

    its one whole episode.. called, There No Place Like Home…
    If thurdays was a diff epi.. it would have a diff name…
    and if you stil dont like.. then turn on some other crap show…

    oh i forgot.. you complain about a 3-hour, 2-night with a one week break..
    but you’ll still watch it…
    Can i have my cake and eat it too then complain about how it sucked?

    Quit your cryin and enjoy the show…
    We should be so lucky to get all these episodes when we are getting them to begin with

  • forgiventhewarlord

    Zach… yes, I’ll watch it.

    But, a 3 week finale is still funny.

  • Jared

    You guys realize that Exodus, the Season 1 finale, was arranged in the same way as this one, right? It was three part episode with one hour one week and then two another week.

  • forgiventhewarlord

    Jared, it was a 3-hour finale spread over two weeks. Not over 3 weeks with a break in between, so it wasn’t arranged the same way.

  • Chris In Boston

    Superhot…but damn, what a weird chick.

  • milo

    Please chill out.
    This isn’t something to get angry over.
    Thank you.