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Lost News – Evangeline on Kimmel

By ErasedSlate,

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Evangeline makes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and brings a new clip.


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  • RichPundit

    Tx very much ErasedSlate [curious, TabulaRosa relation?] … Kate is very, very HOT! Am also becoming a Jimmy Kimmel fan – RichPundit

  • ErasedSlate

    RichPundit, there is a relation to TabulaRasa. I used that avatar previously on another website. It is a tipping of the hat to our English empiricist friends. Erased has the connotation that something was there previously. There is a point where what was written can be erased, that the slate can be prepared for something new. It is an acknowledgment of the shows perspective on redemption as well as the Christian belief in divine forgiveness. So, I hope that satisfies your curiosity.

  • RichPundit

    Interesting ErasedSlate, and I quickly agree that it is perhaps relevant to our complex and fun LOST mystery adventure.

    [Also, it personally reminds me of a very traumatic experience of mine as a young boy at Holy Trinity church in Passaic, New Jersey. As always, there were several loong lines queued for “Confession” to prepare for Sunday Communion, and I was with my older brother and sister. Apparently, I loudly revealed my confessions to the large audience, and was the victim of much amusement for everyone. Of course, my brother and sister repeatedly reminded me of the event for many years.

    Trust I didn’t bore you with my trauma confession – RichPundit

  • Dan

    I want her so bad.

  • Gantos

    That is so hot- Evangeline Lilly just moved up my list like 10 spots.

  • gonzo1082

    She’s so HOT!! even sexier eating that sub. i wish i could have some subway right now.

  • e.ko bellic

    I watched this last night, it was such a funny interview with her eating the sandwich. That whole bit about the long tooth……classic. Ill bet Evangeline is seriously fun to hang out with. and yeah to echo what everybody keeps saying…she is incredibly easy on the eyes. Possibly the most attractive women Ive ever seen.

  • darthbanedlots

    holy %@#? gantos… she wasn’t IN YOUR TOP 10?!?!? lol

  • ella

    Ella said:

    Is this site entirely populated by dirty old men? Intelligent commentary, guys, please!

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