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Lost News – Jeff Jensen puts odds on the ‘Mysterious Cadaver’

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Jeff Jensen rates the probability on who the person in the coffin is.  For the record, I would never use Jensen’s odds in a bet.  See’s article here.


In last season’s finale, a distraught Jack was the only attendee at a mystery funeral in L.A. Who will be revealed as the secret cadaver on this year’s finale (May 29, 9 p.m., on ABC)? We offer our tomb ratings (out of four coffins).


The former cubicle jockey lived in the L.A. area, so the locale fits. And his funeral wouldn’t be a must for the Oceanic 6, whom he’d alienated with his zealotry. (When Jack asked Kate if she was attending, she shrugged, ”Why would I go to the funeral?”) But, wouldn’t a newspaper announcement of the death of a newly discovered castaway attract the media? 2 coffins


Jack said he was neither ”friend nor family” to the deceased: Lost‘s biggest baddie fits. While it’s unlikely Ben’s passing would inspire Jack’s suicidal thoughts, the ├╝ber-Other does represent McBeardy’s best shot at his dream of getting back to the Island. Sayid — Ben’s hitman for hire — would stay away lest the funeral might be a trap designed to kill him, too. 4 coffins


As a witness to Widmore’s Island invasion, he’d be a good target for ”silencing.” The traitor would also earn Jack’s tears, just because Michael knew the way to the Island. And with his ”Kevin Johnson” pseudonym, his death wouldn’t be media bait. But he was from N.Y., not L.A., and surely his grandmother and Walt would have paid their respects. 3 coffins


Now that Jack knows she was his half sister, news of her death would drive him to guilt-racked despair and renew his must-save-friends mission. Kate would steer clear because lurking near Aaron’s real mom would invite suspicion. Oh, and since Claire is part of Jacob’s ghost posse, she can transcend time, space, and all flaws in logic. Perfect, right? 2.5 coffins