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Lost News – Where art thou Four-Toed Statue?

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248px-Foot-statue.jpgDamon Lindelof addressed the reason we haven’t seen the four toed statue at a press event in Los Angeles.  Beware:  Lindelof may have been joking, it wouldn’t be the first time his dead pan has been mistaken for truth:

Lindelof satisfied the crowd’s appetite for Lost
scoop by revealing the real reason the four-toed statue has yet to be
seen again. After the monument first appeared “we got a note back from
the network that said, ‘This is too weird,'” he explained. “I was like,
‘Do you watch the show? This is too weird?’ Essentially, they said, ‘Could it be a six-toed statue?’ I was like, ‘Someone explain to me why a six-toed statue is less weird than a four-toed statue?’ And they’re still noodling on that.”

Thanks to Erica for sending this along: TVGuide