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Lost Promo 5.07: The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

By ErasedSlate,

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  • Locke, comes back to life?

    • Roger Workman

      I hope so!

    • chemicalroad

      Yes, just like Christian Shepard. But he seems to be in the “present” timeline talking to Sayid’s “Marshall” that was on Ajira flight 316 (instead of the 1970’s timeline where Jin, Faraday, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, and Hurley are with the DI), and he seems to be suffering from a bit of memory lose….great…

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    it looks like he’s on the beach with the lady that had Sayid in handcuffs.

  • Darbi

    I think this episode is going to be fantastic! Anything to get the bad taste of ‘316’ out of my mouth.

    • I agree that ‘The Life and Death of…’ looks like a potential landmark episode and preconception shifter, but I don’t understand why ‘316’ has riled you so much.

      I suppose that one of Lost’s great strengths is its ability to be different things for different people.

      I thought ‘316’ was — apart from some of the clunkier exposition passages — very good indeed… like the whole of season 5, so far.

      Which is a relief because I had real reservations about the Season 4 finale. The ‘jump the shark’ phrase has passed through my mind more than once. Not any more, though.

  • Yeah, Locke is “special” alright – listening to Ben over and over. The man never learns.

    He’s just being used. Poor guy always needs someone else telling him “what” to do.

    So painful watching Locke be taken advantage of evil manipulators like Ben and Widmore – and maybe Island/Richard.

  • neoloki55

    Bad taste of 316? Wow, I just don’t understand that sentiment. I think you will look back at this episode very differently at the end of the season. It is too bad people feel so strongly negative toward an episode of Lost. I have never had that reaction. Not even with “Stranger in a strange land” which was boring, but an hour spent with Lost is an hour I will never regret. And their is always something to learn about the show from each episode.

    • hyperRevue

      Three words: Nikki and Paolo.

      • angjen0816

        i have loved every epi of lost. even nikki and paulo. what the writers did was just pure evil. it was great! plus they needed some redshirts to kill. lol 316 was fantasic, great buildup for next week which is sure to knock some socks off. we got straight forward answers that don’t require interpretation or stretching of the imagination, how often does that happen!!

  • blowupchurch

    Oh boy, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ was awful, but at least it was saved by the Juliet execution/branding storyline. It’s great to see how driven Lost has become since then.

    But as you pointed out, even the boring stuff is above and beyond so much else on TV.

  • at one point in the promo it looked as if a man with a white hoos was standing behind John when he was talking to Widmore. Did anyone else see that?

  • I LOVE THIS SEASONNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can some people think tht the show is going down hill! mad people, in my opinoun the show keeps getting better anddd better

  • Derek

    Anyone else notice that Ben was standing right there when Lock hangs himself in the promo? I thought Ben said that he didn’t know how Locke died…hmm…

    • Sachin

      Ben lies 24/7

    • Carissa

      I was trying to figure out who was in the room with Locke when he’s about to hang himself. I can see a man on his knees, it looks like. It must be Ben. That lying bastard! I was actually starting to believe he was telling the truth. I just want Locke to come back and be happy. I have a lot of sympathy for his character. It’s amazing a tv show character can bring about such emotion. Amazing? or silly… I’m not sure. I do have a life, but I can not wait to see Wednesday’s episode. I hope they show us for sure who is with Locke when he dies. I also think this season is awesome.

  • Mrs. Alpert

    ^like Ben ever tells the truth…

    glad 316 is over, I hate when we focus on the O6… Locke & the island bunch are much more interesting… at least Ben was around to make it bearable…

  • Locke815

    do you think that when john says that he remembers dying that hes suffered some sort of amnesia?

  • Moe

    In the last scene, when Lock posed more like a saint or more like christ to hang himself while Ben (I think he is Ben!) fell on his knees more like he was praying to him. Didn’t came up to your mind like s fresco of the Apostles or something