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LOST Recap: Seasons 1 – 5.

By imfromthepast,

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Over the years LOST has seen a steady decline in it’s viewership, many leaving due to the increasing complexity of the narrative and slow trickle of answers. Now that the final season is upon us some of the fans of yore have returned, hoping to finally get the answers to the questions first raised way back when.

Yet the landscape of Lost has changed dramatically since Season 1 and most of these Johnny-Come-Latelies find themselves struggling to figure out what has been going on in order to better understand what is going on.

For these poor souls I offer the following recap of LOST Seasons 1 through 5.

…In one run-on sentence.

On September 22, 2004 some people crash on a magical tropical Island with a Smoke Monster, polar bears and a crazy French woman who has spent the last 16 years hiding from whispering Others where they find an underground  hatch with a Scottish man pressing a button every 108 minutes who gets them to do it for a while until some of them get captured by the Others for a while and the Scottish man blows up the hatch and the button and then some bad guys on a boat show up to kill everyone and while they are some of the crash survivors escape leaving the rest to turn a frozen donkey wheel that sends them back in time to 1974 where they join the DHARMA Initiative who are building the hatch they blew up while in 2007 the ones who got off the Island come back to the Island on another plane but some of them go back in time and meet up with the first bunch in 1977 where they all decide to blow up an atom bomb, but because whatever happened, happened, since that happened, it happens and they wind up back in 2007 with everyone else where the Smoke Monster pretending to be a bald man gets a guy who never ages to take him to a statue of a foot where he then tricks the former leader of the Others to kill a guy in the statue.

There. Now you’re caught up.