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Lost ScreenCaps: Fade to White here are the Caps

By ErasedSlate,

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UPDATE: The books on the coffee table added for TK

UPDATE: I’m done.  gotta sleep. 

This is a work in progress, I will update as I rewatch the episode.  Holy Cow! What an episode and what an experience.

  • And the 7 1/2 month wait for the final season commences… it’s gonna be a LONG hiatus. By the time Lost returns my son will be 4, I’ll have graduated college, I’ll be a married man, I’ll be living in California, and my film industry career will have hopefully started.

    • Jeff

      Keep hoping about that film career. I’ve been out of college for a year and am still trying to get my film career started…

  • Hipster Doofus

    Definitely awesome stuff. Who is that other guy on the beach? I mean, what is the actor’s name? I know I’ve seen him before…

    SELF UPDATE: He was just on Prison Break. I think he was the guy trying to buy Scylla

    • Lapidus

      The actors name is Titus Welliver, playing “Man #2” on this finale episode according to He like Juliet’s sister and Sawyers baby mama was all on HBO’s Deadwood.

  • Drunk Hurley

    Who is Locke’s Doppelganger? Or Lockelganger? It goes back to two players. One black, One white. God and the Devil? Is it the Garden of Eden?

    • Shaun

      Well, if we have Jacob does that make “NotLocke” Esau? Regardless, whoever that is he (aside from being the guy on the beach with Jacob at the beginning of the episode) was, I think, also the guy in the cabin that we all thought was Jacob. He finally escaped, thanks to the break in the circle of ash. Ben never saw Jacob in the cabin because he was never there.

      • Michel

        Good call. Yemi… or Christian Shepherd… was never Jacob. It was Jacob’s enemy. When Christian Shepherd said he could talk for Jacob, it was the Enemy, lying. And the Enemy has something to do with the monster, if it’s not the Monster itself.

        But the problem is that, the different parts don’t seem to be able to communicate. For example, the Enemy (or maybe it was the Monster) took the form of yet another dead person whose corpse was in the island… Alex. But the new Locke (the Lockeganger) didn’t know what Ghost Alex said to Ben. It’s not omniscient. It keeps the memories of the dead person (“Say hello to my son!”, “That’s the man who killed me.”) but after that’s done, its abilities are limited.

        And he can’t kill Jacob. He needs someone else to do it for him.

        Oh, and I hate him. But that’s another thing.

  • Shaun

    The3 screen cap of Nadia getting hit by the car… Man, that’s just harsh.

    Then again, Juliet’s death (while not entirely unexpected) is harsh too. RIP, golden goddess.

    • Shaun

      Sorry… I hope that wasn’t a spoiler for anyone. If you haven’t seen the show yet, what are you doing here??

    • Seabiscuit

      Thank God they let her be awesome again before she died.

      RIP, Jules. ;.;

    • Timm

      I’m ashamed to say I actually laughed out loud when I saw that. It was like something out of a slapstick comedy. *hangs head in shame*

      • Seabiscuit

        That’s OK, I laughed my ass off when Locke went *splat* behind Jacob.

  • ErasedSlate

    Just a Note, so far Illana is the only one that Jacob has not touched.

    • Michel

      Good thing to notice. Also, he didn’t visit Juliet. Maybe she wasn’t as special as James, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Kate, John and Jack. He visited and touched all of them, because they were all special. Because he needed to fix them. He needed to send them in the right track.
      Maybe Juliet never strayed from the right track.

      And when he said “What about you?” to Ben, I felt really sad. Because Ben got fooled into making the most terrible mistake, and he did that out of spite, because he felt ignored by Jacob. And maybe that’s exactly what it was… “What about you?” = You’re not important, I don’t care about you.

      OORRRR…… “What about you? There’s nothing wrong with you, Ben.”
      Poor Ben. Poor Jacob. He was, after one the best guy in the show. I hope he’s not gone. Please.

      • nick21989

        I like this observation. Maybe, when he touched them he took some of their powers? Sounds to much like heroes…but maybe that is how the other guy got to look like Locke…he touched him some point in time.

      • rightbrain

        Perhaps Jacob only touched people that were on Oceanic flight 815…

      • m-lost

        Jacob knew Ben’s heart he was being led by evil. That’s why he says, “What about you?” It was a question of reflection for Ben!

      • the dude

        I took the whole “What about you?” thing as Jacob wanting Ben to stabble him. He hesitated a minute before asking Ben as if he made a concious decision to make Ben “kill” him.

        But a guy who does not age probably doesn’t exactly die like regular mortals. He most likely had Ben “free” him in some way.

        • Mike

          Ol’ Richard said “I am this way because of Jacob” I wonder what is behind that statement

  • Drunk Hurley

    If Juliet is dead because of a nuke, then everyone else should be dead too.

    Esau was not evil in the bible. It makes no sense that this is his name. He wasn’t biblically important at all.

    • Timm

      Esau wasn’t evil but he DID bear a grudge against Jacob, going as far as wanting to kill him for many years.

      I’d argue about his importance in the Bible too, even if it was as an example of God’s going against human wisdom when choosing people …but that’s another discussion 😛

    • Shaun

      Unless it was her final act before dying due to her injuries?

      Then again, we don’t know what the consequences of detonating the bomb are. Juliet might be back after all.

  • Michel

    Finally, the Statue… we know who it represents.

    It is SOBEK, the egyptian crocodile god. A very powerful being, strong and sometimes merciless, but also held for a long time as one of the mythological creators of the world.

    Here’s a GREAT part from Wikipedia… Read it:

    “Sobek’s ambiguous nature led some Egyptians to believe that he was a repairer of evil that had been done, rather than a force for good in itself, for example, going to Duat to restore damage done to the dead as a result of their form of death. He was also said to call on suitable gods and goddesses required for protecting people in situation, effectively having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part.”

    Doesn’t it sound like JACOB?

    Also interesting:

    “n this way, he was seen as a more primal god, eventually becoming regarded as an avatar of the primal god Amun, who at that time was considered the chief god. When his identity finally merged, Amun had become merged himself with Ra to become Amun-Ra, so Sobek, as an avatar of Amun-Ra, was known as Sobek-Ra.”

    Who could see this coming?


    • spinflip

      But still, what about the 4 toes? It seems that the writers didn’t intend anything particular by it when they first brought the statue up, but since the fans were so much interested in it, they decided to make it an important element in season 5.
      Also, why is it so much more white in the future? Does this usualy happen to limestone (or whatever it is made from)?

  • Drunk Hurley

    This ending seriously disappointed me. Only because if Locke’s only purpose ends up being that he was supposed to bring back the other losties… that sucks. He was the most fulfilling character on the show. Also, there was nothing on Claire. And, what about Walt and Aaron. If they don’t end up being significant to everything after the writers making such a big deal out of them… I don’t know. We didn’t receive any answers in the finale… just more questions and hints.

    • ftball221

      You know that this was only the season 5 finale right?? The writers came out and said that Claire wouldn’t be on the show until the last season of LOST. (season 6)

  • The only problem I had was… when the hell is Desmond going to come back into the picture?

    • The Mantis

      Maybe never, due to his legal problems….

      • Mike

        He is waiting for a new batch of hot interns.

  • cpjon446

    A cap of the statue as Locke, Richard and Ben approached would be helpful in determining if, indeed, the foot has changed from the left to the right.

    They couldn’t make such a blatant error in regards to something that is so clearly a major plot element, would they?

    Chris in Fort Worth

  • Timm

    Hey, thanks for these!

    I was so please that somebody FINALLY found charlie’s ring! Is there a screencap of that by any chance? I reckon charlie is going to be making a re-appearance in the future…

    • I was so glad when that happened as well and for a split second when I heard the whoosh I thought we were going into a Charlie flash

  • ErasedSlate

    Here is an interesting find… It is not conclusive, but mystery man 2 (the unblessed twin) seems to have 4 toes on his right foot. Look closely at the last screencap.

    • nick21989

      That would be a huge clue to the statues! Maybe there were two of the statues….one on each side of the island or something. We’ve seen both now?

  • redondofuentes

    so um, has anyone else compared the foot in the finale yet to the one we saw in season 2? Season 2’s clearly looks like the statues left foot (big toe location). The finale’s looks like the statue’s right foot (no big toe). Plus in season 2, there looks to be damage or rubble to the statue’s right side of the platform. The finale’s statue’s right side is smooth and finished as if it might be the other side of the statue. Oooops? dunno…

    • rich

      evidence that time has somehow changed maybe?

  • the dude

    Is Jacob eating a Red Herring?

    Does he eat Red Herrings for breakfast?

  • Shawn

    Does anybody think that the fade to white in the end could have represented the last time jump? Every time jump thus far has been accompanied by the bright white flash. Maybe, this last time jump/flash, caused by Juliet’s detonation of the H-bomb, immediately sends Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Miles and HOPEFULLY Juliet into island present (where Ben, Sun, Lockeganger, etc. are) before they are harmed by the bomb. In the hour “Journey Through Time Special”, Damon and Carlton both mention how the flashes occur as soon as somebody completes a certain task that they might have been destined to complete, sending the whole brigade into a new time. I am convinced that Juliet was destined to set off the bomb, sending the whole brigade, including Juliet, into island present. Anybody have any thoughts?

    • spinflip

      It all looks that way. The cliffhanger actually allows them to keep Juliet or to kill off her character, maybe it’s not decided yet. Also, it would mean that Rose and Bernard stay in 1977 and are probably dead by 2007 (in the cave?).

  • JB

    Juliet was the desmond in this season finale…as was said by Darlton in that podcast posted on this site (way cool that we got it so far in advance-thanks doc!), this season was much like season 2, and the end certainly had many similarities:

    -in season 2 they don’t push the button (despite mr. ecko’s attempts to make them), the electromagnetic energy builds up and desmond has to go beneath the hatch to turn the failsafe key…what is this key? perhaps remnants of the bomb?
    anyway, he turns it, and negates the EM-causes the sky to turn purple and the hatch implodes.
    -maybe juliet does the same-neutralizes the energy by detonating the bomb? it could be that this just neutralizes things (or keeps the EM at bay-but the computer is still needed…thus, they never really changed anything-it was what happened all along)?

    -in season 2 we also see the 2 sides of feuding factions: the others and our losties together on the dock…and, it is the first time we see the 4 toed statue

    I’m sure there are more ways these epis overlap…gonna have to go back and rewatch them though!

  • TK

    May I see a screencap of the books on the coffee table in Juliet’s parents house? I think one of the book’s title referenced ancient languages. Also would it be possible to see the person in the white car that pulls out from a side street and swings around the dying Nadia?

    If I am submitting this request in the wrong place could someone please supply me with the proper link? I thought I saw a place to post requests during a previous visit to this site, but obviously I couldn’t find it this time.