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Lost Screeners to Be Distributed Online – Lindelof Responds

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Variety is running an article that says that the networks will begin distributing screeners for critics online.   LOST screeners have been online sporadically for a while, safe from the eyes of Lost Spoiler hounds. 

Whether this means screeners will be available more frequently is hard to say.  For Damon Lindelof, it seems this was inevitable. “I spent a hundred days walking back and forth with a sign because I
believed DVDs were going the way of the dodo and the future was all
about downloads and streaming,” he says.  “It seems only natural that
the same would apply to how our shows are reviewed… or even
considered for awards.”

From what ABC VP Terry Collier is saying, it does sound like the network is planning to ramp up screener releases.  “This is an incredible opportunity for us to put up episodes for which
we normally wouldn’t be able to do a mass mailing,” says Collier.

As for the inevitable kvetching to come from tech slacking journalists who don’t want to watch episodes on their PC, Lindelof is optomistic they will make it over the curve.  “If you build it, they will come,” he says. “If the content is worth watching on your computer and that’s the only way to watch it, critics are more inclined to eventually migrate away from their plasmas and to their laptops instead.”

One concern I would have is does the increase in availability that Collier indicates mean a decrease in the level of scrutiny a potential reviewer may receive prior to being granted access to the screeners?  How long before crappy screen recorded versions of shows distributed in this manner pop up on the internet?  So far, LOST has avoided that scene.  If ABC launches a scorched earth approach to distributing screeners of the show, that streak may soon come to an end.  (Of course, I say as soon as the episode is edited throw it online for a buck a view.  iTunes turned millions of pirates into paying customers.)

  • milo

    I’m surprised more episodes don’t end up on the torrents ahead of broadcast. I’ve seen it happen with other shows, but I’ve never heard of it happening with LOST. I wonder if they just keep the number low enough, if they watermark, or if they’re just lucky enough for everyone to be honest?

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