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Lost Season 4 Poster

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Yay!  A gigantic 1600×2200 version of the Lost Season 4 poster.  I’ve got to say this though, because people pick of me for being obsessed with embossing, aren’t the characters embosed?  What is up with that?

Click the thumbnail for the super gigantic version.  Also an 11×17 coated poster can be ordered here. 

  • lost in Plmouth Mass

    Off Topic – DGA and AMPTP reach a deal .. Maybe there’s hope.

  • gusteaux

    Staying with the off-topic, topic: The proposed deal does not go to the DGA Board for final approval until Saturday, January 26. The initial WGA reaction press release seemed pretty chilly to me. Haven’t D&C set January 31 as the drop-dead date for a settlement to be reached in order to salvage the final 8 or Srping ’08? It could be a photo finish.

  • gusteaux

    Of course that should read, final 8 for Spring ’08.

  • lost in Plymouth Mass

    Chiily? Maybe I haven’t seen the press release you mention. From from what I have read it seemed pretty optomistic. Percentage of distribution, not prodecer cuts. Sunset clause, so it can be renegtiated in 3 years, and an invitation by the AMPTP to the WGA to resume “informal” talks, and the same deal on the table for them. Sounds like a place to start anyway.

    From what little I’ve read it seems to be a general concensus that it’s a decent deal. Where did you see the press release by the WGA, I’d like to read it.

    I do agree, even if this is seen as good news, we ae running up against the wall to be able to finish 16 eps. But let’s hope.

  • lost in Plymouth Mass

    I just read the WGA website and I agree with you, it does sound pretty chilly. That’s a bummer.

  • Austin

    Is it me or is that a six in the water?

  • lost in Plymouth Mass

    Looks like a six to me.

  • 4815162342

    What’s with the city scape reflecting in the water? It does look like a 6 in the water too but I’m not sure with that.

  • lost in Plymouth Mass

    There’s a spoiler out there that I think that may relate to.

  • Desmundo

    With this higher resolution you can see that there is a grid-pattern on what appears to be the cityscape in the reflection. Do those look like buildings to you guys? What are those? I see the six as well.

  • forrest

    ok…im going to say it. that cityscape is tokyo. ive been procrastinating about it forever, and now i will say it. that is tokyo and the largest building that you see there is the ntt ducomo building. i will stake my virginity on it. 🙂

  • gusteaux

    6 = Oceanic Six.

  • Kristin

    Can you already buy that poster somewhere?

  • xtremdelt8

    I think the way they are all standing in the picture says everything.

    Jack leading one side, Locke leading the other. Each side having 6 people. We know Jack and Kate make it back, so we can assume those standing behind Jack are the “Oceanic 6” (Notice the ray of light shinning on them)

    If that’s really the case…I wonder why Juliette is on Locke’s side?

  • lostie

    you can see a six but in my opinion it is a 9 because you have to see it in a view of 180°
    i dont know how to explain because i speak spanish

    also you can see paper i think on the tress on the righ

    also a can see a 3 into de o of lost

    please answer me

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