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LOST Season 4’s Fake Endings – A Redemption Story

By docarzt,

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So this is the story of how I was had.  Really, the alternate endings did exist, and they were created with the intent of masking the real ending.  Obviously, again, LF108 is someone who is higher up in the production chain, probably a friend or relative of someone higher up though, I would hope.   To have that kind of access, you have to be signed onto an NDA with some severe breaching damages.

For those who don’t know, I was told by someone who was adamant that they had seen the Desmond ending… someone who is NEVER wrong, and has NEVER lied to me.  So I couldn’t restrain myself.  I had to throw it in LF108’s face, and everybody knows the results.  LF108 is still a bad guy for betraying the trust of whoever he is reporting to, let alone releasing his puddle-deep analysis and condemnations on a show he clearly is neither a ‘fan’ of, nor understands.  But at least with the release of the alternate endings, those of you who were convinced I acted with a willful lie, or suspected so, or questioned, will have your answer below.  (Thanks to Erasedslate, as always, for the caps)

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  • Thank you for posting these fake endings… just was into the probabilities isn

  • El Prez

    You did what you had to do….you’re playing the game of spoils and some are playing with more info than you are privy to…. c’est la vie, brother…
    keep the faith!!
    El Prez

  • milo

    Cool to see these, shame they didn’t actually help prevent the real info from leaking though.
    ABC REALLY needs to get their act together next year and plug the leaks. Either keep better secrets or catch that scumbag and can him (or his relative who’s leaking the info).

  • Michael

    Both of these endings would have been better than what they gave us. The rumor that it was Locke in the casket got out last year.

  • LostintheUK

    Again, you’ve shown you’re a straight shooter, Doc. I hope you don’t think the users of this site have all turned on you because that is certainly not the case.

  • Tai

    Umm…I guess I must not be such a die hard fan after all ‘cuz I never knew about the leaks.

    I thought last night’s 2 hr finale was excellent. as for these two endings, Desmond fits better than Sawyer. I thought it was Ben at first, stupid me. John never crossed my mind.

  • Jay Zabi

    Ever since I saw the coffin at the end of season 3, I knew it had to be Locke.

    Anyways, thank god it was not Desmond. I don’t think he’ll be happy to find out that he has to go back to the island. Perhaps Penny can come along this time?

  • WLN

    A little off topic, but can you see all the actors on set jockeying for their turn…

    “Me next, I want to be in the coffin. Please Jack, can I be in the coffin?”


  • pennyrules

    Doc, I appreciate your attempts at a spoiler free site. I’ve been an avid reader this season – but this is my 1st post. I wanted to show my support for you & your site. The clips & teases you throw us are just enough to arouse curiosity – but not ruin our show watching experience! The twists, turns and surprises unfolding in real time are my right as an addicted viewer & I curse all who try to diminish such experience for me! Unfortunately, In today’s information world, I think it’s going to be impossible to have many true, unspoiled experiences! When I received the final Harry Potter book at midnight of it’s release, I read it all the way thru without any media for fear of having the ending revealed to me before the chance to live in the moment of this long-awaited finale! (I had depression for two years after learning of Dumbledore’s death in book 6 before reaching the end of said book). Once again, I applaud your attempts & will continue to read this blog. I did have a less than spectacular experience last evening because of the leaks of the donkey wheel & the coffin w/ Locke. Next season, on Finale Eve, I think I will take my lead from the Harry Potter required move, & avoid all LOST Sites until the Finale is over!

  • Lostie108

    What Dumbledore Dies? Craaapppp

  • Allison

    I probably would have cried if Sawyer was the one in the coffin, considering how much I love him and his character. I think the “Locke in the coffin” was the most probable ending, considering how no one attended the funeral.

  • gusteaux

    You have nothing to apologize for. As I stated a year ago, LF108 is the villan and should be tracked down and severely punished. Your loyal readers understand what you tried to do and why. I fully accept that you had a believable source who, this time, was duped him/herself. Keep up the good work brotha!

  • AliKzam

    I’m glad they chose the ending they did. I think I would have been angry if either Desmond or Sawyer had been in the coffin. Locke’s more of a mysterious character, sort like even though he’s in the coffin, I feel as though he’s not really dead.

  • Ben

    Wait a moment, if it was Desmond, wouldn’t that ruin Ben and Jack’s conversation? Desmond wouldn’t know about bad things happening on the island after Jack left…

  • Jalocke

    Actually as soon as I saw Desmond get off the island alive, I thought to myself… good god… Its Desmond. I think that would have been really awesome. Im glad I was so convinced, cuz boy I got played. lol.

    Also when Jack was saving Desmond on the raft I was also convinced that he would remember Desmond telling him to “lift it up,” and then he would lift Des’ head causing him to be saved. I just thought that would have been pretty awesome. Im still convinced “lift it up” will prove important.

  • serenavallentine

    i agree, jalocke.. i thought maybe it was desmond especially because of the name change (jeremy bentham). i figured desmond and penny would run off together and desmond might change his name to avoid any problems with charles widmore.

    i wish i could say it being locke shocked me (though no matter who it was i would have been excited), i had it narrowed down to him, des or ben. and as soon as i heard ben’s voice behind jack i knew it wasn’t him.

  • Adam

    I was able to avoid all the spoilers until I saw your video response to “lost fan”-
    then I had the seed of Locke planted in my head. You tried though- I can’t say I blame you. He is, in fact, an asshat.

  • makeyourownkindamusic415

    I too was able to avoid all the spoilers until I saw your video response to “lost fan”-then I had the seed of Locke planted in my head, when I read the comments below. I even told some of buddies who said they were DVR’ing the finale (which ticked me off since I was hosting a Lost party) that Locke was in the coffin, since I knew he wouldn’t be from reading your video response to LF108 earlier in the day. WoW were they ticked that I ruined the surprise.

  • Zach

    I still dont get why LostFan108 is an asshat…

    All his info was placed in spoiler sections…
    it was some fans who blurbed recklessly in other forums and such…

    Doc, if you were trying to scoop him and got out-scooped i understand…
    The alternate endings are meant to throw ppl off, thats cool.

    Theres no need to shoot the messenger tho.

    And to other fans and posters calling him an asshat..
    Dont read the dang spoilers next year, its as easy as that.

    See the thing with the spoilers are, for all we know, it could be J.J., or Damon, or Carlton testing audience response. A pre-evaluation, if you will. The internet is a terrific tool in this day and age to pre-judge fan response. I got the info from’s audio podcast. Which was basically a synopsis taken from Darks video that was taken down. Those guys at ODI even said, Who knows, it could be J.J. We just have no idea.

    But it is each and every fans responsibility to take the info posted in a spoiler section, and treat it responsibly. Not wrecklessly posting on sites untagged, or not in spoiler sections.

    Or maybe some fans need to steer clear of spoilers all together… cuz they just dont have the wherewithal to control themselves.

  • docarzt

    Well. Lostfan108 originally appeared on the scene in unmoderated comments on AintItCoolNews, without a spoiler warning. They added one afterwords, but that is the behavior that warrants him the title of asshat.

    The asshat comment does not extend to DarkUFO’s presentation of it. By being exclusive with Dark, lf108 gets reined in on a spoiler board. It was Dark posting it, not lostfan108. So go ahead and say Doc holds a grudge, but the asshat title comes from lostfans108 equivalent of a “dumbledore is dead” drive by from last season… spoiling people who didn’t ask and didn’t want to be spoiled.