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Lost Season 5 Spoiler – Casting Update 9/10

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On the non-spoilerish side of things, a new cast member has joined Lost’s fifth season.   His name is… Said Taghmaoui.  But, that is not the best part.  Along with this announcement, Darlton has temporarily broken ‘radio silence’  (were we ever officially in radio silence this season?) with some commentary about Said Taghmaoui’s character as well as another character, and just how important they will be to the overall story.  Read on for more details.

Just to remind you who Caeser is:

[CAESAR] 35-45. He is dangerous, physical and extremely
intelligent with a dark past. He is a mysterious man whose intentions
are unclear. He can charm us or kill us…Recurring guest star with
possible series option for season 6.

Another character involved in this news is Ilanna, who seems – now – to be connected to Caesar in some way.
[ILANNA] 25-35.
She is a European woman of great intelligence, powerful and charming
yet incredibly dangerous, too. She is alluring and very used to getting
her own way. Her past is deeply mysterious and dark… Recurring guest
star with possible series option for season 6.

Of most interest to me was the reveal that Caeser will play an important part in setting up the final act of season 6.  Given what we know about how tricky Darlton can be when it comes to teasing – it’s hard to say how literal this information is.  Being involved in the setup for the final act does not mean that what they are doing or who they are is part of the final act.

If I had to guess… these are more of Brother Campbell’s Chrono cops.  Perhaps we’ve met the ‘nudgers’ with Campbell and Mrs. Hawkings,  Caeser and Ilanna could represent the hard core enforcers.


“He has an innate intelligence, intensity, and danger we really
responded to,” says Lindelof, who declined to specify whether Caesar is
good or bad, though he did tease that the character will be playing “an
important part of the setup for the final act of the show in season 6.”
He also confirms that Robinson’s Ilana is associated with Caesar, and
Cuse likens her to Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.
“There was something very unsettling about the way the Joker kept
telling different stories about his background — something very
similar to what we had planned for Ilana,” he says.

for a delayed introduction for the duo, beginning with an intriguing
set-up followed by a gradual increase in screen time that won’t detract
from established faves, much like how season 4’s newbies, the Freighter
Folk (Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader, Ken Leung, Jeff Fahey), were worked
into the mix. (The producers say we’ll be seeing more of the FF next
year, too — even Fahey, last seen escaping the Island with the Oceanic