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Lost Soundbites – The Cast Talks Boaties

By docarzt,

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And yet another group of sound-bites. This time it is some of the cast giving their feelings on whether the Freightie folks are good or bad. Some interesting answers from the best cast on TV:

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  • james

    damn, you got interviews with everyone! Can’t wait for the full things.

  • DocArzt

    These are not my interviews. They are soundbites released by the network.

  • sk8rpro

    It’s hilarious! Terry and Michael are subscribing to the beliefs of the characters are playing. No wonder they do such a good job – they not only act their part, they believe it.

  • MerlboroMan

    And now you know why they were nominated for the Emmy.

    Nothing against the others, but…ya know…just saying.

  • LiLi

    sk8rpro I couldn’t agree more…however, i agree with Daniel (Jin) it’s most likely that the people on the frieghter have diffrent intentions. Some are probably dangerous and some, not so much…just my opinion 🙂