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Lost Spoilers – A Momentary Break in Radio Silence

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The sultans of Lost, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, along with stars Rebecca Mader and Nestor Carbonell, broke radio silence in the new TVGuide giving a few very light spoilers concerning the upcoming season.  And I do mean LIGHT.

“My character starts explaining to Locke [Terry O’Quinn] the mysteries of the island,” Says Nestor, who denies his character is actually the all-powerful Jacob. “There’s a phenomenal twist.”

Mysteries from Charlotte’s past will shed further light on the island’s history. “It appears I’ve come back to the island to look for my birthplace,” says Rebecca.  Last season, viewers saw her in a Tunisian desert studying the remains of a polar bear.  Cuse says viewers will soon learn why she’s trying to find the island’s bears – and confirms the Tunisian skleton belonged to one of them.

“We’ve seen several bear cages,” Lindelof says. “But none of the polar bears ar accounted for.”  Lindelof kids it’s a setup for an animated spinoff to be titled “Lost Bears!”