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Lost Spoilers – Bad news…

By professorstotch,

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lostgraveBuddyTV has been posting hints for the upcoming premiere. This recent one looks like very big (and possibly very upsetting) news! Spoilers below! 

“Who dies? The only hint I’m willing to give is that the person who dies was on Oceanic 815. Other than that, the death shall remain a mystery.

However, what’s every bit as important as who dies is how. The death is very shocking and the person who does it will become a big part of what’s happening on the show.”


I’m guessing that it won’t be one of the Oceanic Six. Some one on the island seems more likely. Could it be Jin? Rose? Bernard?


Vincent?! They do say person, so we’ll leave the dog out of this one. I’m having a brain fart, people, so I’ll ask you who you think it is…