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Lost Spoilers – Filming Update 5.04 – 9/24/08

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There will be spoilers below!  Thanks to Ryan from The Transmission for sharing this.  Click on to get some details on shooting from episode 5.04.

Ryan let me know that there has been some filming in downtown.  He described it as intense traffic control, with Kate and Jack onset.  In the pictures Ryan posted here you can also clearly see director Stephen Williams on the set talking with Jack.   Click through to the link above for more of Ryan’s pics.

  • The Beard O’Woe is gone. Looks like Jack may have cleaned up his act, or we’re going to get more post-“We have to go back!!” FBs.

  • druid

    Is Matthew Fox smoking in the first pic?

  • rob

    druid: yup, looks like a marlboro yo.
    i love seeing jacks truck. one of my favorite scenes from lost was the first time we saw him driving that truck, listening to old school nirvana. what a great scene.

  • bookhouseboy

    I don’t see what’s so spoiler-ish about this.

  • Neoloki

    Yeah, Jacks smoking! His stock just went up in my book. That and he has a damn cool truck.

  • Casey The Great

    Anybody else notice that Jack’s truck has two different license plates in the second and third pics? Not that that really means anything. Just something I noticed.

  • Umukoro felix

    I want to no morn

  • emperor mao

    jacks truck in pic #2 is a Hawaii plate while the one pic #3 is California where we are told some of the o6 ended up