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LOST Spoilers – Meet The Finales Mystery MEN!

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That’s right, MEN!  There are two highly mysterious individuals visiting the LOST season 5 finale – read on to find out who they are and who they may be.

markMark Pellegrino caused a splash when his casting was rumored to be for the role of Jacob.  Yes, that Jacob.  Set spies quickly released intel fingering Pellegrino as Jacob, but according to other sources on the set Pellegritituswelliverno is listed as “Man Number One” on various call sheets.  Interesting.  Want to know something more interesting?  There is a “Man Number Two.”

Man Number Two is played by Titus Welliver aka Silas of Deadwood.  I’ve pinged the wires and noone is able to tell me anything about Welliver’s mysterious “Man Number Two.”  Now, by his name we could probably assume that Man Number Two is in cahoots with Man Number One, but that would be too easy.

Here’s a spoilerish theory.  Wasn’t it confirmed that Jacob was not alone in the cabin?  Could this be the mysterious not-Jacob visage that scared the bejeezus out of Hurley?  That keeps the possibility of one of these men being Jacob alive.  Now the question is, have they both been signed for next season?