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LOST Spoilers – Meet The Finales Mystery MEN!

By docarzt,

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That’s right, MEN!  There are two highly mysterious individuals visiting the LOST season 5 finale – read on to find out who they are and who they may be.

markMark Pellegrino caused a splash when his casting was rumored to be for the role of Jacob.  Yes, that Jacob.  Set spies quickly released intel fingering Pellegrino as Jacob, but according to other sources on the set Pellegritituswelliverno is listed as “Man Number One” on various call sheets.  Interesting.  Want to know something more interesting?  There is a “Man Number Two.”

Man Number Two is played by Titus Welliver aka Silas of Deadwood.  I’ve pinged the wires and noone is able to tell me anything about Welliver’s mysterious “Man Number Two.”  Now, by his name we could probably assume that Man Number Two is in cahoots with Man Number One, but that would be too easy.

Here’s a spoilerish theory.  Wasn’t it confirmed that Jacob was not alone in the cabin?  Could this be the mysterious not-Jacob visage that scared the bejeezus out of Hurley?  That keeps the possibility of one of these men being Jacob alive.  Now the question is, have they both been signed for next season?

  • Cecil

    GREAT to see Titus Welliver… he is a tremendous actor and was very enjoyable on Deadwood. Pure speculation (and I know never judge a book by its cover), but Titus seems the better fit of the two to be Jacob in my opinion… particularly if you feel the glimpse we’ve seen of Jacob so far ( is how the character was envisioned to look… Titus Welliver seems to fit the mold nicely.

  • mewy79

    Titus Welliver is Jacobs brother “Esau’s”, follow this link for some interesting info, all elements of lost are in it, even “Benjamin” 1 of Jacobs sons….

    • Dan

      That’s fine, but it makes sense that they would alter it to a more modern name.

      • Cecil

        Don’t know if this is a spoiler or a theory, hope for the latter.

        Esau doesn’t really have a modern translation. It’s an Old Hebrew word which translates to “hairy.” I suppose if they wanted to be facetious they could name him Harry, but I’m feeling they would stick with Esau if this is the case.

  • Matthew Perry

    I hope Pellegrino is Jacob. He’s a great actor, and I’ve been getting really stoked thinking about him in the role.

    • Matthew Perry

      What the hell, could you BE any more of an imposter?

      • Matthew Perry

        How dare you accuse me. Do you know who you’re messing with? I’m motherf***ing Chandler.

        • neoloki

          Oh, boy this is good! please more!

  • Baba Ram Dass

    Based on appearance, I would think Titus Welliver is going to be playing Gerald DeGroot. He looks just like the few clips we’ve seen of that character (though they had another actor).

    • neoloki

      Uhm, are you referring to the picture above? because that is a photo of his character from Deadwood. (aside) Probably the best written tv series ever to be broadcast in America. If anybody hasn’t seen Deadwood it should be a priority. Top 5 tv series of all time 1. Six feet under 2. Deadwood 3. Lost 4. Carnivale 5. Rome

      • milocampo

        1.LOST 2.seinfeld 3.the simpsons 4.soap 5.weeds …….and then there’s MAUDE!

        • Cecil

          We gonna do this?

          1) The Wire
          2) Deadwood
          3) The Shield
          4) Lost
          5) Rome

          • 1)The Wire
            3)Batman: The Animated Series (plus Superman & Justice League)
            4)Trailer Park Boys
            5)Curb Your Enthusiasm

            but, please let me say that All-Time status is subject to Change(tm)

      • neoloki

        Clancy Brown as Brother Justin in Carnivale is amazing. I have been hoping we will see Kelvin again but I don’t see how they could fit that into the story at this point.

  • Jeff

    These 2 were in an episode of prison break… strange coincidence..

  • noodlez20

    I think Mark Pellegrino is playing a younger version of Christian. Just a theory.

    • Lost Mom of Four

      A younger version of Christian has already been played by John Terry…in “White Rabbit”…

  • Kathy

    What if Man #2 is an older version of Man #1? I’m not familiar with either actor but based on the above photos it seems possible. A younger Jacob and an older Jacob.

    • neoloki

      my guess also.

      • Kathy

        I just checked IMDB and Welliver was born in 61 and Pellegrino in 65 so there goes that theory of mine! I don’t believe they would use 2 actors who have only a 4 yr age difference to play an older & younger version of a character so they must be different people. I like the idea that Welliver is Hanso or DeGroot – we’ve been waiting for the DeGroots to show up! And isn’t there mention of a Captain Bird being in the finale too? If that’s the case, as I believe it is, then Welliver might very well be Hanso and we could be seeing the Black Rock coming onto the island.

        • neoloki

          It would be interesting to get some more info on Hanso, but he might not be relevant to the plot. We will have to see how it plays out. I have a suspicion that we won’t here about Hanso in conjunction with Dharma but instead it will be when we find out more about the black rock. Hanso probably has some relation to the original inhabitants of the Island which very well could have been slaves and crew members of the Black Rock. Seeing as it was a slaving ship from Africa maybe this is where the Egyptian religious symbols originated.

          • neoloki

            One other thing: I remember reading a rumor before season 5 started that Lost production was looking for and bought a Ship that roughly appeared to be the Black Rock. And this news of a captain Bird might be related to the rumor. Weller would be perfect in this role.

            The spoilers and rumors around the season finale are reminding me more and more of the season 2 finale when we had Des flashback. Maybe we will get some Jacob flashes this year.

  • lockeheart

    I got a great jacob theory i posted concerning this casting news check it out.

    • Kathy

      I believe Darlton have said Jacob is not any of the characters already introduced.

      • lockeheart

        That would be a bummer that would toss my whole theory out the window. But you think the writers would really confirm or deny this definitivley. Its seems as though they have done both; saying that it is someone we have already seen and saying that it is someone we have never seen. I just think my theory of aaron being jacob would give the story now so much more strength if it is tied back into the ealier seasons. Much like how the story now is being tied into the swan and the incident brought up in season 2. I guess time will tell, thats why they call them theories.

  • k

    lockheart great theory- it has been mentioned by the writers themselves THAT WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN JACOB!!!

    • Kathy

      You obviously don’t go on the spoiler sites cause its been confirmed NUMEROUS times that Pellegrino is playing Jacob – that’s a definite. We just don’t know who Welliver is going to play. And we have NOT seen Jacob – if you say the writers said we did, tell me where you heard/read/found that info

    • Michel

      No, the writers said the exact opposite: that we haven’t seen Jacob apart from that couple of frames of Locke’s glance at him in the cabin (TMBTC). In fact, they even hadn’t cast him in season 4. But it all points out to the possibility of us seeing him this season.

      • The writers are snarky and they even use the previews for upcoming episodes to trick us. Also, they once said that there wouldn’t be time travel.
        So, when they say we have (as in the glimpes in the cabin) or haven’t seen Jacob (as in, Aaron is Aaron until he BECOMES Jacob…or Jacob is just a totally new dealie)…it’s not canon until it’s on every ABC affiliate.

  • Jeff

    We did see jacob in “the man behind the curtain” we just didn’t see his face. Just his silhouete form..

  • pmartinez527

    The silhouette we saw in the cabin was in fact man #2. Both of these actors play jacob; man #1 plays a younger version of jacob who was actually there when locke was thrown out the 8 story window.

  • numbersarebad

    I do hope we see the Black Rock. Time travel allowed us to see Dharma in action, the Others in the 50’s, and even the French team. We still don’t know why the Black Rock is in the middle of the jungle. I thought it could have to do with the island moving/reappearing under the ship. But maybe the slaves were mining on the island. I would like to know more about what the military was doing there and what they know.

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