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Lost Spoilers – More News from Kristin!

By professorstotch,

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spoilerSpoiler hunter Kristin over at E! has just given us a BIG piece of info on another previously poster spoiler!

Don in Dallas: Kristin, are they killing off Sawyer on Lost?

Yes, they’re killing Sawyer off Lost. Other season finale deaths to expect this year: A depressed McDreamy commits surgical hara-kiri with a scalpel on Grey’s Anatomy, Blair uses thallium poison to kill Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, and Jon Stewart is being written out of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. (Sorry for the bad joke.) To my own personal knowledge, Josh Holloway is not going anywhere (swear). However, it is possible there is a death I don’t know about..

Oh boy! Sawyer fans should be happy! She does admit she may not know, but Kristin is usually dead on about things like this. So judging from the recent “death poll” posted over at another site, it’s supposed to be either Ben, Sawyer, or Daniel. Now that Kristin seems convinced Sawyer will be staying put, who do you think will meet the grim reaper this season? My money’s on Daniel. Ben just seems far too important. But then again, perhaps that’s why they’d kill him off…after all…we will be learning a lot about Ben’s past in upcoming episodes…


  • princess

    Well I am relieved it is not Sawyer!!!

  • monkeyface

    boy, i hope she is right! Sawyer is my favorite character!

  • Jayman’s gotta be.

  • I’d put even money on Daniel and Ben.

    Daniel is kind of the expected death, so that’s a reason he would not be killed off. Ben seems to be very enmeshed in the unresolved Widmore story-line, which is a reason he would not be killed off. Unless that conflict is not as important to the “end game” as we may have been led to believe. Based on Widmore’s statement about the upcoming “war” to Locke I would not be surprised if the Ben-Widmore thing turns out to be not as relevant to the next season as we might think.

  • I’m just relieved that “Jon Stewart isn’t being written out of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” :-S

  • clueless1der

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *sweats and bites fingernails nervously.*

    Sorry Daniel, you’re great and all… but jeez.

    Only, if it IS Daniel… then do we assume that one scene with him crying and with a caretaker… WHEN is that? And, now that I think about it… WHERE?

    • Heidi

      2004 when the news broke that they found flt 815 on the bottom of the ocean. I think Massachusetts based on what the Janitor at Oxford said to Desmond in 2007.

    • lets start a Save Ben site lol they can kill anyone else. i dont care who, just not Ben.

  • When we see a character resolve issues – or fails to do so after a major opportunity to do so – Ol’ Smokey or death is never far behind.

    Sawyer has resolved some issues, it seems, when it comes to trust and the ladies.

    And the man is prone to sticking his neck, making the necessary sacrifice (saving Horus’ wife, leaping from a copter).

    Is another major sacrifice coming?

    Or will we see Christian telling Locke, “You can go, now.”

  • Lost Mom of Four

    I must say,
    when I read Kristin’s first sentence, my heart skipped a few beats! LOL! Glad I finished reading the whole thing!!! I am soooooo relieved…

    • Seabiscuit

      Mine did, too. O_O

      Holy sheep, Kristen, way to give Sawyer fans everywhere a heart attack!

  • Amberlina42

    I went from having a heart attack to dancing around the room reading this post. So relieved. I kind of wonder if Jin is the one dying now, he was my second guess. I am just so relieve that JH is staying put!

  • Bezmina

    No she already cut the list down to Dan, Ben or Sawyer, so if Sawyer is out of the running it is a 2 horse race, my money is on the tie guy.

    • I recently had a vision of Ben dying in his mother’s arms. Delusional?

      Danny & Benny, if you`re gonna leave:

      maybe i`m crazy, i can hear you but you seem for far away
      maybe i`m lazy, or maybe we got LOST
      somewhere in between the moments can`t remember
      when the changes came and made this thing so sad

      so if you`re gonna leave, that`s okay
      but if you`re gonna stay, let me say
      i wanna get it back the love we had
      before it gets too late
      if you`re gonna leave that`s okay
      now if you`re gonna stay, than let me say
      i wanna get it back, the love we had
      before it gets too late,
      don`t let it get too late

      time is illusion
      and yesterday can be so far away
      here`s to confusion
      or maybe we will find
      somewhere out beyond the stars or in our hearts
      there is a method to this madness that pertains.

      it`s getting to the point that i`m
      i wanna do it right this time
      i wanna hold you in my arms
      i never wanna say goodbye

      so if you`re gonna leave, that`s okay
      but if you`re gonna stay, let me say
      i wanna get it back the love we had
      before it gets too late
      if you`re gonna leave that`s okay
      now if you`re gonna stay, than let me say
      i wanna get it back, the love we had
      before it gets too late,
      don`t let it get too late


  • penny

    i would go for Ben. i know he´s very important and all…but HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO FOR THE ISLAND, BRINGING THE OCEANIC 6 BACK. i think his circle is completed…just like Michael´s.

    i can imagine the scene when Christian tells him he can go now.

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    i still think it’s sawyer, and the reason she cant say of course is because that’s a HUGE spoiler and the source of her information may stop giving her info if she turns over something that big….the hints previously given said that it’d be someone we love….and if it’s between sawyer, daniel, and ben….no1 loves ben’s character….just his acting… i personally don’t feel anything for daniel….quite frankly i’m a little creeped out when he comes about….sawyer has been around a long time and is much loved and cared for as a character…and for dramatic effect since the series finale is drawing neigh….it may be him.

  • redondofuentes

    I am calling it right now… young Ben kills Sayid… that is why Richard said not yet (though the not yet could also refer to the kill your lameazz dad ((like Locke had to do)) )… just saying…

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