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Lost Spoilers – NY Mag Q&A with Michael Emerson!

By professorstotch,

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benlinus1Hello everyone! My first post here, and I’ve come bearing some spoilery-news! It looks like New York Magazine recently held a brief Q&A session with Michael Emerson. The article doesn’t contain anything groundbreaking, but there’s one nice piece of info.


The Others stole away to a place called the Temple. Will we be seeing more of them and learning about the Temple?
Yes and yes. I think we’re going to find them to be less malevolent as time goes by.”


I guess we can only wonder if Ben will be around when we’re learning more about the Temple. My feeling here is that this is going to be one of Richard’s lessons to Locke. The question and answer here both seem somewhat vague. It’s not asked, or revealed, that we’ll see the Temple. Do you think we’ll see the Temple, or just learn about it? Discuss!