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LOST Spoilers – TVGuide Scoops: Will ALL of the Oceanic 6 Return?

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It’s a question on everybody’s mind right now: Will the Oceanic Six make it back to the island together?  Read on for the answer.

Unless Damon Lindelof is playing some kind of semantic mind game, it appears the Oceanic 6 will NOT make it back to the island as a group.  Watch the video and share your feelings.

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  • aaron i’ve this feeling 🙁

  • Nikita

    I think it’s Aaron too!

    If you go back and look at “The Lie” (I think that’s the episode), where Jack and Ben are in the hotel talking about getting everyone together. Ben tells Jack, “You have to get everyone Jack: Kate, Sun, Hurley, and Sayid.” He fails to list Aaron when he mentions everyone else. If you include Locke in that list you do get 6, just not the original Oceanic 6, as they were named.

    Also, when Locke asks Christian Sheppherd about Aaron, after finding Claire in Jacob’s cabin, Christian tells him, “He’s where he needs to be.” That was with Sawyer and Miles on the way back to the beach. They were getting ready to leave for the Freighter Folk.

    I still think, sly ol’ Ben is the best evidence yet though….his negligence in listing him and his plotting to remove him from Kate. I believe it’s not just to persuade her to go back to the Island, but to keep Aaron from going back as well.

  • lockeheart

    the island does not want arron back… yet. Arron is not ready, he has to live his life and find his path naturally. Much like how locke had to.

  • I’m pretty sure that Aaron won’t make it back to the island:

    — (beware of the following SPOILER) —

    “Kate, what happened, where’s Aaron?”
    “Don’t ask questions. If you want me to go with you, you’ll never ask me that question again. You will never ask me about Aaron do you understand Jack?”

    • yep i saw the sneak peek too poor kate
      IMO I don’t think kate wants to come back but as i said before, i think it’s the ONLY way she found to stop ben and co to purchase her and aaron. She did this ultimate sacrifice to protect him against them. nobody will really care of aaron if kate comes back. But she can’t let him to carole, they know she’s his grandma so i guess she let’s him to cassidy and it will address in epi 512.
      maybe i’m wrong but for me it’s what she did

    • bps

      Don’t forget….Kate’s dream of Claire is probably still vivid to her….”Don’t you dare bring him back Kate.”

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