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Lost Spoilers/Discussion – Flashing Forward to The Variable

By professorstotch,

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danielFirst and foremost, here’s the applicable warning. This post will contain spoilery information contained within the clips released for this week’s episode. If you’ve avoided these clips, and any other spoilerish info for this week, you should avoid this post as well. With that being said…

It’s crunch time!

Here we go, folks! Get ready for a bumpy ride. You all got your seatbelts fastened? Shoulder restraints are locked down? Lost has been one heck of a roller coaster ride this season, but we’re not done yet. This is the part of the ride where we hit all the crazy loops and twists. We’ll end up upside down, sideways, and going backwards. And at the end of it all, we’ll just be standing there in front of one of those monitors that shows the picture of you with your stupid grin on your face. You know the grin. The “I have no idea what the heck is going on, but I’m loving every second of it!” grin. That’ll be each and every one of us in just a few weeks now. As long as Lost doesn’t plan on charging me $20 for a wallet sized photo of that stupid grin, I’ll be happy. So here’s what I’m looking forward to this week…

I’m from the future.

That’s it right there. The line we’ve been waiting for some one to say to one of the Dharma people ever since we ended up in 1977. From what we can see here, it looks like Faraday’s going to be the first one to spill the beans by saying those four simple words to Dr. Chang. My guess on the scene here is that it takes place after the Daniel in the tunnel scene we saw in the premiere. We know from that scene, that Chang doesn’t immediately recognize Daniel, but he does have knowledge of manipulating time. We know from the clips that Daniel introduces himself to Chang, and mentions that he’s from the future. We’re able to put two and two together here and assume that Daniel is not the person who first told Chang about time travel. So where did Chang get this information? The amount of time and dedication Dharma is putting into this island, there’s no doubt they’re working off more than just a hunch here. Some how, the Dharma Initiative has received concrete information that the properties of this island will allow them to manipulate time. So some one out there would have had to have given them this information. And this some one would’ve either had to have been a very trusted/reliable source, or they would’ve had to some how have demonstrated this time manipulation.

Excuse me…did he say 30,000 times more powerful?

My jaw dropped right there, I have to admit. Obviously, he’s talking about the fabled incident. Could we finally be close to seeing what it is? Well, judging from the revelation of the title for the finale episode, I’d have to say yes. That’s the ultimate distination on this coaster ride of a season. So now I have a question…what was the original purpose of the Swan? All we’ve ever seen it used for was pushing the button. And we know the button pushing came as a result of this incident that’s going to be happening soon. So what was the Swan originally being built for? Judging from the super top secret plans, and the magical hidden bush gate of doom, this is something that was supposed to figure in very prominantly into Dharma’s island plans. Did that all change once the big scary incident went down? And how cool will it be if some how Locke played a role in creating the Swan for button pushing? I realize that Locke isn’t in the past right now, but he could end up there by the time this whole thing goes down. Say he does…am I the only one that thinks it’d be awesome to see Locke as the man who in a sense was responsible for the creation and destruction of the button? It kind of reminds me of the theory that the reason everyone thinks John Locke is special, is because he told Richard he was.

Danny doesn’t trust Mommy.

Well, that’s of course assuming that you are 100% convinced that Eloise Hawking is the mother of Daniel Faraday. I’m sorry to say, but I’m still not convinced. On the forums, there’s quite the discussion going on about whether or not it’s actually been confirmed that she’s Faraday’s mother. She never once says she is, or admits that she is. And no one else admits it. And keep in mind, when talking to Desmond, Daniel never fully finished telling who his mother was. Now, she could very well be his mother. I still hope it’s not so, just because I want to see some kind of twist play into effect. But let’s talk about the clip here. Jack tells Daniel that his mother helped him get back. Daniel then tells Jack that they weren’t supposed to come back. It’s not actually their destiny to be back on the island. Wow, so perhaps Mrs. Hawking was a dirty, rotten, liar. Or perhaps Daniel doesn’t believe in the destiny, and is trying to change things. Hopefully we’ll find out one way or the other as to which it actually is. How will the new destiny-motivated Jack respond when he finds out that maybe he wasn’t supposed to be back on the island after all? Hmmm…(NOTE: I anticipate the comments on this one, and I really doubt he’s going to cry about it.)

Faraday heavy!

So it looks like we’re getting our first true Faraday-centric episode. About damn time. I’m looking forward to a little explanation on that whole Theresa thing. We most likely won’t get the entire back story on it, but give me a few hints as to what’s going on there. I also want some specific answers to whether or not Hawking is Faraday’s mother. Yes or no. No more of this wishy washy crap. Just tell me straight up. And why is Widmore involved with Theresa? Why was Daniel crying when he saw the footage of “815”? How did Daniel get enough information to fill a notebook on the Dharma Initiative? With questions like these, it’s hard to believe we’ve had to wait this long to get our first real Daniel-centric episode.

Chang, David Palmer called. He would not advise this evacuation of the island.

Facing the threat of nuclear annihalation on Los Angelas, President David Palmer chose to not evacuate the city. Why? He didn’t want to create a mass panic. And you mean to tell me that Pierre Chang is going to evacuate the island because of some silly little incident? And let’s bring up the fact that we see Daniel asking Chang to order the evacuation. Does this mean that Chang is the leader of Dharma’s island operations? I mean, why not ask Horace to do it? Well, while Horace is in the circle of trust, I think Chang’s the one sitting in the middle, passing out the funky brownies. He says eat, and everyone eats. He says evacuate, and everyone…well…panics. Just think about it, Chang. You tell everyone on that island to leave or they’ll be in harm’s way, and they’re probably going to freak out if they’re not the first one’s on the next sub out of there. Just try this…stop the drilling for a little bit. Try to figure out if there’s anything you can do to avoid this incident. Call Jack Bauer and have him hunt down whatever’s responsible.

Hey, Juliet! You’re shirt’s looking very…red

You see the look he gives after Juliet asks if he’s still got her back? Looks to me like Sawyer may have done something to lose a little bit of her trust there. Typical Sawyer, always managing to screw up the good moments in life. But that’s beside the point. What about that shirt she’s wearing? Could it be a hint, or could it be a red herring? I was in the camp with those thinking that Juliet would be killed off at the end of the season, because of her new show. But after watching her on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and hearing what she had to say, I’m not so convinced. According to what I’ve read, she was set to play a major character on the new show, V, but based on what she has to say, she’s already finished working on the show. She also tells us to keep in mind, that if she had to do more work on V, ABC had her doing both shows at the same time. This seems to dispel the rumors that she can’t be on two shows at the same time because of contract obligations. Judging by that interview alone, you have to make the decision on your own of whether or not you trust Elizabeth Mitchell. I trust her. She doesn’t seem like the lying type to me. And I don’t want her to die. For the simple fact that if she does, there will no longer be a female character that’s even remotely interesting left on the show.

Give me some…Desmond!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m needing a Desmond fix. We haven’t spent any good quality time with Desmond since the beginning of the season. I feel like Desmond is important to Daniel Faraday’s story, and vice versa. So I’m calling upon the Lost Gods to give us some Desmond this week!

So what exactly is The Variable?

One of the definitions of the noun form on says: “A quantity or function that may assume any given value or set of values.” Now we know from last season that a constant is something that doesn’t change, and can exist in both the past and the future. Could we use this logic to assume that a variable is something that can be changed in the past and in turn have a small effect on the future? Thinking back to Daniel telling Jack that he’s not supposed to be there, got me thinking. What if the 815/316ers are variables in this whole thing? Perhaps it’s true that whatever happened, happened. But what if the end results of what happens remains the same, but the road used to get there is something that changes? Perhaps Little Ben always got shot, but the person who shoots him is a variable. This is something that can be changed, as long as it ends up that Little Ben gets shot. You can plug different numbers into the equation, as long as the end result of the equation is the same. But perhaps the problem comes when you try to change the variable to something that in turn changes the end result of the equation. This could cause a problem. I’ll throw one more thing out there…perhaps Desmond is special because he has the power to influence variables and change the end result.

What do you guys think?