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Lost – The Other Woman – Doc’s ‘Other’ Look at CraveOnline

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Still not convinced that “The Other Woman” was a wholly worthwhile episode?  Well, I haven’t given up on trying to convince the world that “The Other Woman” was a multi-layered, introspective addition to the Lost library with very important overarching themes. For instance:

..Ben makes some slimy attempts at earning her affection. The sliminess
isn’t so much as a random hand on the knee, but it’s more the
awkwardness that he displays. You catch yourself saying “what a
buffoon,” but the reality is Ben grew up on the island and is severely
lacking in social graces as a result. Add to that the fact that he is a
genocidal psychic boy wonder – or so his people think – and voila:

That is from my writeup at CraveOnline, which was published this week.  Read the whole thing here. 

  • AlphaSigChainsaw

    Good write up Doc, but isn’t it episode 406?