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Lost Theory – Ten unanswered mysteries

By professorstotch,

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mystery2I’m back! I’ve been away from the main page for a few weeks, and I know you all missed me. Today I come with a little top ten list. These are the things that I personally am awaiting the answers for. You may not agree, and that’s fine. Feel free to post your own lists in the bottom and we’ll have us an ol’ fashioned discussion!



10. How did Ben get Alex?

alexThis may seem trivial at this point in the game, but it’s something I’m still very interested in. Did Ben snatch her up as soon as she was out of the womb? Here’s a thought…did Danielle deliver the baby on her own? She claims to never have seen the Others, she only hears them whispering. I find that to be a little far-fetched. I mean, the 815ers came in contact with the Others on the very day they arrived on the island. For Danielle to say she hasn’t seen anyone in 16 years doesn’t make sense to me. So assuming she’s lying, completely crazy, or just covering things up, here’s what I’m thinking…

The Others helped Danielle deliver the baby. I’d assume it went down in the same fashion they were going to “help” Claire. Perhaps they used some sly phrasing such as: “Once we help you with the baby, you can live in peace. We’ll never bother you again.” A scared, young, naive Danielle thinks they’re referring to her and the baby, but we know better. The Others deliver the baby, snatch it away, and send Danielle back into the jungle. She hasn’t seen the Others in 16 years, because they’re keeping their word. They’re letting her live in peace.


9. How old are the Others?

I’d say…old. I find it hard to believe that certain Others are “ageless” (Richard, I’m looking at you.) I do believe, that the civilization itself goes back many, many years. We’ve seen evidence of ancient civilizations throughout the course of the show. Most notably the heiroglyphics that keep conviniently popping up to remind us that we’re dealing with something that started long before 2004. So are the Others descendents of ancient Egyptians? Did their civilization begin on the island? Or did they find it some how? With all the time travel being introduced, is it not possible that the ancient Others could be the descendents of our future cast aways?


8. How does the island stay “hidden?”

Remember the season two finale? Now that was an epic twist. After two season of hearing theories that the castaways were in purgatory, or hell, or that it was all a dream created by Vincent, Darlton finally came out and showed us a glimpse of what was going on. It’s almost as if by writing the final scene of that finale, they were saying: “Hey, they’re in the real world. The island was hidden, and some one just found it. How’s your dog theory look now?” Some people are still claiming that it’s all a dream or a reality show, but we usually just shrug those off.

Now we’re forced to ask ourselves how the island stayed hidden on this time. How do you hide an entire island? The best theory I’ve heard so far has to do with using electromagnetism in high volumes to make things look invisible. Was that one of the purposes of the Swan Station? I’d only assume that it was the hiding of the island that made it so easy to come and go. Once the key was turned, the sky turned purple, and things weren’t so easy anymore.


7. Who are Adam and Eve?

Jack and Kate. Jack and Juliet. Kate and Sawyer. Sawyer and Juliet. Desmond and Penny. Ben and Annie. Aaron and Ji-Yeon. People we haven’t met yet. There are so many possibilities. Some may not find this as interesting as I do, and I understand that. I’m personally hoping for Kate and Sawyer. And I hope Jack’s the one who lays them there. The moment that Jack realizes the bodies he found in the early days were two of his cast away pal will be priceless. I’d really like to hear a good, plausible theory on who this could be. I challenge you!


6. Where did this limitless energy come from?

Does it have to do with the “unique properties” that we heard about so long ago? If so, what creates these unique properties? One thing I’m also curious about here, is that donkey wheel. In the season five opening scene, we saw a dead construction worker who had a little too much energy. We then saw a sonar image with the donkey wheel, and Candle warned of releasing the energy. It looks like this construction worker had the same nosebleed symptoms as all of our time jumpers. Some one must have built that donkey wheel. Did they lose a lot of lives while doing it? I just want to see who built the wheel, when they did it, and how they did it. It obviously existed before Dharma. Were the ancient Others using the time travel properties of the island before Dharma even showed up? And if so, how did they discover the kind of things the island could do? We need a detailed encyclopedia on Island History.


5. What makes Desmond so special?

desmondI’m with the group that believes it has to do with the hatch implosion. While I’m not entirely sold on this idea, it’s the best one I’ve heard so far. Perhaps Desmond being at the center of it all had something to do with changing him and his influence. Or was he special before he even came to the island? Maybe that’s why he was sent there. I’ve always wondered if there was any race around the world, or if Widmore staged the whole thing to get Desmond to the island. Maybe he knew Desmond was special and knew he could have an influence in getting him to the island. The man was able to fake an entire crash site, I can only help but wonder what else he’d be capable of.


4. What’s with that statue?

Best theory I’ve heard is the Daniel theory proposed by Doc. We’ve been wondering about this since season two, and I think we’ll get an answer sooner than we may think. If you haven’t read Doc’s theory, you can find it here. While I think it’s an awesome theory, I can’t wait for the definitive answer. And I don’t want to just see the statue being shown. I want to see the reason they build it. Going back to a question from earlier; what if Daniel’s the reason the Other’s discover the unique properties of the island? But then wouldn’t this create a time paradox? Show me the reason these people have chosen to worship our quirky scientist. And if they do choose Daniel, does that mean he’s the only one to go back? I mean, if he had jumped with everyone else, why couldn’t they have chosen Jin or Sawyer?

And finally…does Daniel have four toes?


3. What was the incident?

I think the incident and the purge are unrelated. Most of Dharma was wiped out in the purge, and I find it hard to believe that the Others would’ve kept Dr. Candle alive just to film a few edited videos. I think the incident will have something to do with Dharma trying to exploit the island. I even have it in my head, that Dharma made an attempt at controlling the black smoke. Perhaps they even created it as a weapon to use on the hostiles? I’m not too sure about that part. But say their plan to exploit the island and control the smoke backfires on them. They make it angry, it takes a hold of Candle, drags him off, and he ends up losing his arm (similar to Montand.) Of course this would make a repeat offence, but really isn’t that unbelievable.


2. Who/What is Jacob?

We know that he’s the all-knowing leader of the Others. Everyone has a chain of command, and on the island, Jacob is at the top. But who is he? Is he some one we’ve already met, or will he turn out to be an entirely new character? I think he’s an Other who went Billy Pilgrim on us. He’s unstuck in time, and has the ability to see past, present, and future all at the same time. Jacob is special. The rules don’t apply to him. Hmmm…sounds like some one else we know. Could Desmond and Jacob be the same person?

Another Widmore theory here…maybe Widmore knows Desmond will end up becoming Jacob. Perhaps in the past, Jacob had ordered that Widmore be banished from the island for going against it’s laws. A bitter Widmore hates Desmond for the rest of his life. In order to change the past, he tries to prevent Desmond from ever reaching the island by sending him on a race around the world. Widmore’s hoping he’ll be unfit for the challenge, and Desmond will die at sea. But instead of preventing Desmond from reaching the island, Charles ends up aiding him. You can’t create a new street. Unless you’re Desmond/Jacob. Then you can do whatever the hell you want.


1. What’s with that black smoke thingy?


Other than wondering how so many people were able to survive a plane crash of that size, the black smoke has to be the single longest standing mystery on the show. No one knows what it is. And I’m sorry to say, you may have theories that you think are pretty solid, but every time this thing shows up, it manages to debunk every new theory I’ve read. I believe Damon and Carlton have already said we won’t get the definitive answer to what this thing is until season six. And that’s fine. I may be the most impatient person you’ll ever meet, but I actually love the slow trickle of information we’re fed about this thing. Is it a security system? Is it controlled by some one? Does it run on it’s own? A little bit of both? Is there more than one, each with a different personality? There are so many questions surrounding it, and I cannot wait until the answer comes. I think it’ll be both satisfying and rewarding to us hardcore viewers.