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Lost Theory/Spoilers – Ben is a sneaky, little man

By professorstotch,

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benlinusThe sneak peaks have been released for tomrrow’s episode, and after watching them I’ve decided to use them to put something together. If you have not watched the sneak peaks, then you may not want to proceed.

After watching this week’s sneak peaks, we learn a couple new things. First, we learn that those lawyers who showed up at Kate’s house in episode one, were not kidding around. They’re out for blood. A few mentions of the “client” are made, but we still don’t know who it is. Here’s who it is:

Benjamin Linus. Here’s how I think it’s going to go down. In the video, we see that Kate demands to talk to the lawyer’s client. He tells her upfront that he’s going to present this demand, but the answer is probably going to be no. So the lawyer makes his way back to the client and tells him of Kate’s demands. Much to the surprise of the lawer, the client agrees to meet Kate. They arrange a sketchy meeting. It’s revealed that the client is in fact Ben. Here he tells Kate that she has two options. She can either come back to the island, or he’s going to make sure this DNA case continues full force, and she’ll never see Aaron again. Now we’ll just have to see if she’ll choose the island in order to make sure that Aaron’s safe.

In another video, we’re back with our good buddy, Sayid. He’s still in the hospital and he’s being tended to by what appears to be a doctor or male nurse. Sayid isn’t fooled though, he catches onto the game, realizes that the nurse is there to kill him, and turns it around on him. Then guess who just happens to stroll in…Ben! You want to know what’s going on with Ben and Sayid? I believe that at one point, Ben was legitimately giving Sayid threatning targets. Ben realized that Sayid is never going to want to go back to the island. He just wants to take care of whoever killed his wife, and then live in peace. Perhaps he’s already taken care of Nadia’s killers, but now Ben’s making it so that he can never have a peaceful life. How’s he going to get Sayid back to the island? He’s going to convince him that if he goes back, the hunts will stop. No one will be after him, and he’ll be able to live that peaceful life he’s looking for.

We already know Ben has Jack on his side. Perhaps he has Kate and Sayid fooled enough as well. And what if there’s a remote chance that Sun is actually working for Ben? Maybe he’s managed to convince her that Jin is still alive, and that he can help her get back to him. But in order to do it, she needs to infiltrate Widmore to find out everything he knows about finding the location of the island. This only leaves one person unaccounted for in the Oceanic Six crew. Hurley. As far as I can tell, Hurley wants to get back to the island, and he’s wishing he never left. The only catch is, he wants nothing to do with Ben. If getting back to the island involves trusting Ben, forget it. So I’ll leave that up to the commentors.

Assuming Ben has a way to get Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Sun convinced and ready to go back to the island, what would he use to convince Hurley to trust him? Discuss: