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Lost Thoughts: Locke and coming to terms with the Finale

By ErasedSlate,

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deathanddyingAs I was unpacking some boxes after our recent move, I picked up my copy of Kubler-Ross’  On Death and Dying and realized that I have been going through the grief process after watching the Finale.  For those that have not read this book or studied it in college, visit the wikipedia article for a summary.

I realized that I been in denial about the death of Locke.  I rejected those that pointed out that Locke and the Smoke monster were the same.  And, so they were right.  I rejected the foreshadowing that “dead is dead.”   I ignored that the anagram of the van was “reincarnation” and not “resurrection.”  Two very different things.  Everything was laid out before us that it was not Locke that was walking on the island.  I did NOT want to believe it!

After the finale, I was angry that Locke was in that box deader than a rock.   It just hurts that one of my favorite characters is gone.  This is a character that we can identify with.  With firm conviction, he believed that there was more to life.  He believed in a purpose.  And, Locke represented that belief in us.  He was also that rugged spirit that refused to be told of his limitations.  He was supposed to be the one that saved them all.   Now, we know that his life was a pathetic series of failures.  That his belief, in the end, was vanity.  He was never supposed to be the others leader.  He was never supposed to be great.  He was nothing more than a pawn.

I have already been playing out the scenarios in my head and in discussions with my friends where he could be resurrected once more.   Some of those scenarios seemed compelling.  After all, Jacob did touch the final 8 survivors of flight 815 that are remaining on the chess board.  Maybe this infusion of Jacob can have the power to resurrect Locke.  But, these seem as pathetic as the character of Locke.  What we see now is that all the pawns have been cleared off the board.

Unfulfilled potential, unrealized greatness…   For those Locke fans, deal with it.  He is gone.  I am preparing myself for the last season where Terry O’Quinn will be playing the part of the nemesis not the hero.  Hell, Locke wasn’t even a hero.  Locke was a tragedy.  Eventually, I will have to take my own advice and accept it… 

…just not yet.