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LOST to be “On Demand”

By theMachine,

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This news is a little old, but still exciting for those who do not want to watch the episodes on  their computers.


ABC To Make Shows Available “On Demand”
26 February 2008 (StudioBriefing)
ABC affiliates are being given the opportunity of making available network programming such as Lost and Desperate Housewives to their local cable, satellite, and fiber-optic distributors’ video-on-demand systems, provided that their fast-forwarding capability be disabled. Each affiliate would be able to insert one locally-sold 30-second commercial in each half-hour of programming. The network would insert about four other commercials. The proposal is expected to overcome affiliates’ reluctance to allow network programs to be made available via VOD for fear that they would cannibalize their audience.

  • They really need to figure out a way to get ad revenue some other way. I don’t have the answers, but not being able to Fast Forward really sucks the fun out of it. What if I’ve seen the episode 5 times, but just want to skip to the end, for example?

  • Peter

    If you wanted to skip to the end it could work like it does on If you want to skip to the end you still have to view at least one commercial.

  • theMachine

    I have been watching them on, and its not bad. You get like (4) 30 second commercials for the show. I agree with Peter, if it is setup that way, than it would def be worth it.

  • imfromthepast

    What has this all got to do with eating human flesh?
    I was teased with cannibalization. Where’s my cannibalization!?

  • John J

    Lost has been on demand in the Philadelphia area from the begining of this season in the southern New Jersey cable area. Which probably means that Philadelphia’s market was offering it. To better clarify I have Comcast digital cable.

  • Christian

    They’ve had it on Comcast OnDemand in HD in Northern New Jersey too. They keep 6/7 episodes, but have been getting rid of the earlier ones after a while.

  • Louis

    Or…. just download it on Internet and pause/stop/zoom/whatever as much as you want! I guess if you feel guilty about “stealing” it you could buy the DVD too or whatever…

  • itsMrsB

    This is news to me! and good news too – provided the Comcast in my area puts in on on-demand. With Lost moving to 10pm, this will be a real help for those of us who find 10pm difficult. My husband has to get up at 4 am for work and run out the door. He is a Lost fan, not a Lost-addict like me . Still, since I do get up with him;

    I have no qualms about downloading it from the internet, as that is the only way to rewatch it (now) which I normally do several times each episode. It is that at this point in time the “ratings” do not count internet downloads – even paid ones, like i-tunes, in deciding how many people watch the show or where it falls on the TV lineup.

    I am afraid that the one other show I watch, Jericho, will be terribly hurt by this dumb exclusion. It has a terrible time spot (10pm) and I think most of its viewers have been downloading it. Things do not look well for Jericho returning. I wish I’d known – I bet alot of others wish they had known too.

    I’m really hope that Lost doesn’t fall into the same pit. TV shows need to rate high to attract sponsors to pay for it. Not enough sponsors and the show is cut. I sure hope the TV industry gets smart and starts counting at least the paid downloads of tv shows (itunes, amazon, etc). However until that day, I am so glad about on-demand! (Assuming ondemand counts towards ratings….. hmmmm)

  • KeepingAwake

    You can still fast -forward through the commercials on Comcast OnDemand, at least in North Jersey.