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Lost usa today Q&A with darlton

By lyly ford,

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thanks sawyer840 for the code of the vids 🙂
1 )When choosing your path of your plots, which decision comes first: how the direction you’re taking affects the overall arc in storytelling, or how it affects the characters involved?

Lost usa today Q&A with darlton***Lost Plot question#1

2)What’s the most-asked question?

Lost usa today Q&A with darlton***Most asked question#2

3)What are your thoughts about the romantic quadrangle Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet?
Do you have an ultimate plan for these relationships, or does fan pressure influence who ends up with who romantically?

Lost usa today Q&A with darlton***Quadrangle question#3

4) Will the question of Jacob’s identity/origin/power will be addressed this year?

Lost usa today Q&A with darlton***Jacob question#4

5) Can we expect changes in the future if people make the right adjustments in the present?

Lost usa today Q&A with darlton***Future Lost question#5

6) Are you happy to be back at the 9 o’clock time slot Wednesday?