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Lost Video Recap – MrJames’ LOST Thoughts Season 5 Episode 13

By docarzt,

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He’s fast, he’s thorough, he gives credit where credit’s due, he’s Mr. James.   If you’re looking for a video recap, Mr. James is usually the first one to hit YouTUBE after a new episode airs, and the sheer volume of useful information he dispenses in ten-minutes will have your brain spinning like a top!  Be sure to subscribe to his videos! You can do that, at this link.  (Note: MRJames is not directly associated with, we just like him!)

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  • hbrandt

    TV Guide needs to deep-six ThiefeyB and talk with this guy!

    • Lost Mom of Four

      I am sooo glad you posted him! I have been a fan of Mr. James ever since he posted his link in the forum…and he looks like my bro-in-law too (LOL)…LOVE his recaps! 🙂

      • Lost Mom of Four

        (Sorry…didn’t actually mean to reply to hbrandt…just excited…)

  • Ali Bags

    A likeable guy – unlike another certain person.

    I also recommend Sky One’s The Lost Initiative –

    -for a bit of irreverent, self depreciating British humour.

  • former reader

    I used to think your site was interesting and creditable. And I do enjoy the videos that James makes. But your introduction tipped me over the edge. “gives credit where credit is due”…. It’s just not funny anymore. Way to beat a dead horse. I’ll continue to watch James, but your website just became mediocre. Let me know when you find the ability to write new material instead of repeating yourself a million times. till then, I’ll seek my lost info from professional writers. And yeah, right now lostvideorecaps became a hell of a lot better than your junk.

    • docarzt

      Ooooo my troll-senses are tingling. If you are going to pose as a reader,you should at least pretend that you know that I’ve only published the two original articles concerning seanie b. Since you’ve obviously been obsessing over those since they vanished from the front page, days ago, I think it’s safe to assume you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    • Blarg

      Your aversion to proper citing says all. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass.

    • clueless1der

      Former Reader- somehow we shall endeavor to survive without you.

    • chad

      Love the site… Reading is better than video caps… This former reader will not be missed…

  • KarenBrown

    We LOVE Mr. James! Glad to see others are recognizing the insights his brilliant brain picks up as well. (He certainly leaves us in the dust sometimes – definitely worth watching a second time and following his links.)

  • geez.. he’s very good indeed..

  • Matthew

    Seanie B and this guy should have a battle to the death, seriously.

  • Matthew

    PS. There’s no link to subscribe. -_-

  • KeepingAwake

    This is great! Thanks for sharing!

    Have you thought about getting this guy on your podcast?

  • Appreciate it. Yet an additional brilliant entry, this is the reason why my partner and I arrive to your wordpress bog over and over again..

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