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Lost Vodcast Behind the scene at Paley Center

By lyly ford,

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  • Oh!!! Nestor says when the long-awaited Richard episode is (I could tell from the title though, when I peeked ahead :D). Probably should be a spoiler alert, though, in case people don’t want to know and are somehow going to be surprised by it….

    • notsoshaggy

      I know, that’s all I heard, too! [chants] Rich-ard, Rich-ard, Rich-ard . . .

    • i didn’t put spoilers tag since we know since comic con richard’s storyline will be adressed and since Nestor was regular it was obvious JMO but i can put one if you want 😉

  • If you want to know more about the event, I was there. You can read the story at my blog:

    • Russo

      You’re the guy who made the ridiculous assertion that Sayid was talking about Shannon, not Nadia, despite the fact that this was obviously not the case. So I think it’s pretty clear who the tool is.

  • Chelsy

    I’m so excited to get Richard’s backstory!! I’ve been looking forward to him getting an episode forever!! Nestor is clearly excited about it, judging by the fact he’s been a bit more out and about publicly. Man, I can hardly wait! But I don’t have a choice, lol!

    Joining the chant! Rich-ard! Rich-ard!!

  • The Mantis

    …….Says the guy who calls himself “Fart Monster”.