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LostNinja Dishes on Dom’s Wolverine Role – It’s Bigger Than You Think

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My good buddy “The Lost Ninja” has broken a major scoop regarding Dominic Monaghan’s involvement in the Hugh Jackman led ‘Wolverine’ movie.

During his recent interview with Hugh Jackman, which you can see here, Wolvie himself indicates that he’ll tell Ninja a few things about Wolverine off camera.  Here is some of the off-camera scooping.

Apparently, Dom’s part in the movie is larger than what people were estimating.  There is speculation he may even be Wolverine’s side-kick in the movie. 

As for his name, originally he was called ‘Beak’, but due to some copyright issues he has been renamed!  The new name is either Blackwing or Blackpool.  As Ninja says, “Blackpool fits well, if they keep his accent.”

  • I’m definitely looking forward to this movie

  • Joe Key

    Lol im not looking forward to any movie thats going to star or any other pop star.

    Also, Sabertooth was miscast, should have been the guy from 300 instead.

    Dom is good in any role he plays, tho.

  • Dave

    There’s a character named Deadpool in the whole Weapon X mythology. While l’il Charlie might not quite measure up to his physical specs, I think he could handle the character’s sarcasm quite well. Assuming that this is even the same character.

  • Dave

    Oh wait, I guess Deadpool is being played by Ryan Reynolds… Nevermind

  • jimmy zer00

    In the X-men comics, beak pretty much looks like an almost formed baby chick, if you anthropomorphised it. At one point, he knocks up another teenage mutant with insect wings and she gives birth to a brood of half chicken/human/fly things.

  • jimmy zer00

    Well not half, but whatever.

  • imfromthepast

    sounds lovely.

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