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Lost’s ’08 Emmy Hopes Hinge on Hurley and Desmond

By docarzt,

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The LOST crew has submitted two episodes of LOST Season 4 to the Emmy judges this year.  The premiere episode “Beginning of the End”, and the brain melting “The Constant.”

My thoughts:  “Beginning of the End” is the perfect submission simply because of the dramatic ground covered as well as the nice balance of high adventure, and all around excellent performances.   “The Constant”, though?  If the board was comprised of LOST fans only I’d say go for it, but “The Constant” was one episode that I felt would be hard to watch for the un-indoctrinated.  Clearly, it is one of the best LOST episodes this season.  Ready for mainstream?  Possibly.

  • Ben

    Ignoring the LOST mythology, The Constant is a good example of the romantic drama. Desmond and Penny can probably be understood by non-LOSTies.

  • S. A. Bonasi

    The one nice thing about “The Constant” is that it’s relatively standalone. I mean, as far as Lost episodes go. As long as the time travel elements don’t break the judges’ brains, it works great as epic romance drama.

    I felt that “The Beginning of the End” was a bit low-key for a premiere, but then again, it being a premiere does help it work around the ‘judges are non-viewers’ angle.

    My guess, though, is that Lost will once again get shut about the drama series race but clean up in the acting categories.

  • MerlboroMan

    Either way, I’d be really surprised if Henry Ian Cusick or Jorge Garcia did not get a best supporting nod. However, Michael Emerson is really due. I was wondering if “Shape of the Things to Come” would be their pick. Still, Jorge has had a break out season and deserves a nod.

  • S. A. Bonasi

    I’m thinking it’ll be Cusick and Emerson who get in. After all, “The Constant” and “The Beginning of the End” are just the submissions for the drama series category, so Emerson can still submit “The Shape of Things to Come” in the drama supporting actor category. Don’t think Garcia will get a nod, though. The competition’s way too stiff.

  • I’m with those that feel “The Constant” can handle itself for an Emmy submission. True it has the mythology of time travel in it, but that’s clearly explained within the episode, leaving no loose ends. Also the romantic portion of the story is excellent and also a stand-alone story line. I seriously doubt that The Constant isn’t an excellent submission choice and a dang superb example of the wide range that Henry Ian Cusick is capable of. While I also think Emerson is a superb actor, I’ve yet to see enough range in his character to really shout “Emmy!” This is in no way a negative comment on ME’s acting ability. It is merely that the writers have chosen to write Ben as a rather one-note kind of guy and Emerson does it brilliantly. Personally, I think playing one-note roles and not making them boring is a true test of talent. But, when one only views one ep and has nothing else to compare it to, the character comes across as rather unexciting. This is, of course, just my opinion.

    Cusick was nominated back in ’06 and I think (and I hope!) that this time will be his proof to the voters that he wasn’t just a one-time-flash-in-the-pan but has real talent that is deserving of the award.

  • anonymous

    personally, i think they should’ve gone with “The Shape of Things To Come.”

    Emerson’s nomination would’ve been in the bag.

  • I believe Constant deserves it, and would be appreciated by everyone — esp it was appreciated by my wife, who doesnt typically watch Lost — thought she felt it was a bit heavy, but liked it overall…

    “The beginning of the end” is not the best choice I believe — “the shape of things to come” would have been a better choice.

    In fact, I would propose – “Cabin Fever”, since it brings out the Lost mythology better.

    Damn this practical concerns of only sending 2 episodes — the true beauty of Lost can only be appreciated if all the episodes have been watched from the very first one to the most recent one — if they would do that, then they would not be able to choose anything other than Lost for the Best Drama category every year! 🙂