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LOST’s Emmy Nomination Report and Analysis

By docarzt,

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dharmaThe Emmy nominations are in, and LOST has scored big in some key categories including nominations for Michael Emerson, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and, of course, LOST itself as Outstanding Drama . Some Losties will be disappointed, for sure, as some key favorites were denied yet again – no Josh Holloway, or Elizabeth Mitchell nods, sadly – and unthinkably there were no Outstanding Director nods – but I’d say chances are looking pretty good for LOST to bring some statues home. Let’s take a look and assess the competition.

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Big Love – HBO – Anima Sola Productions and Playtone in association with HBO Entertainment
  • Breaking Bad – AMC – High Bridge, Gran Via Productions, Sony Pictures Television
  • Damages – FX Networks – FX Productions and Sony Pictures Television
  • Dexter – Showtime – Showtime Presents in association with John Goldwyn Productions, The Colleton Company, Clyde Phillips Productions
  • House – FOX – Universal Media Studios in association with Heel and Toe Films, Shore Z Productions and Bad Hat Harry Productions
  • Lost – ABC – Grass Skirt Productions and ABC Studios
  • Mad Men – AMC – Lionsgate Television

This is the big one, obviously. LOST deserved this nomination all the way – as did the competition. What is striking about this group is that there is a unique blend of stories here. There are few apples to apples comparisons, although a lot of twists-on-old-themes. For LOST, season 5 was a mythology heavy season. The character episodes were always against a backdrop of moving the mythology forward, and there were only a few overarching character threads. Oddly, it seemed like the last season mirrored its characters in a lot of ways – ambling about looking for a meaning, trying to sort things out, then plunging towards resolution. It was an exciting journey, good enough for a win here? Hard to say.

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series

  • 24 – 7:00AM – 8:00AM – FOX – Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television in association with Teakwood Lane Productions
  • Battlestar Galactica – Daybreak (Part 2) – Syfy – R&D TV in association with Universal Cable Productions
  • Breaking Bad – ABQ – AMC – High Bridge, Gran Via Productions, Sony Pictures Television
  • Lost – The Incident – ABC – Grass Skirt Productions and ABC Studios
  • Mad Men – Maidenform – AMC – Lionsgate Television

I’d love to have Nate Orloff sound off on this, since this is his vocation, but I’ll wing it. I’m always impressed with how smoothly LOST’s beats flow no matter how bizarre the story is. I think managing the time flashes had to have been a challenge. In the sense of cutting film as a study in temporal engineering, 24 seems to be in the same space – having to sell an illusion of the story. For both LOST and 24, it seems like bad editing really would have had a disastrous impact on the story. Whether good editing’s importance to the product is a judge in who wins or not, I don’t know, but it seems like LOST would have an advantage here for pulling it off.

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)

  • 24 – 10:00PM – 11:00PM – FOX – Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television in association with Teakwood Lane Productions
  • Battlestar Galactica – Daybreak (Part 2) – Syfy – R&D TV in association with Universal Cable Productions
  • Boston Legal – Last Call – ABC – A David E. Kelley Production in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television
  • House – House Divided – FOX – Universal Media Studios in association with Heel and Toe Films, Shore Z Productions and Bad Hat Harry Productions
  • Lost – The Incident – ABC – Grass Skirt Productions and ABC Studios

This is another category where LOST seems to have an advantage. Sound is obviously a big part of the film illusion, but for LOST sound is also a character. LOST has introduced sound elements that come to symbolize certain events and characters within the world of “The Island.” I’d dare say if the sound were done differently, the overall environment of the show would be affected. Again, I suppose it is more execution than it is importance, but of the five shows presented LOST seems to have the most at stake when it comes to sound selling the illusion.

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

  • Boston Legal – ABC – William Shatner, as Denny Crane
  • Boston Legal – ABC – Christian Clemenson, as Jerry Espenson
  • Breaking Bad – AMC – Aaron Paul, as Jesse Pinkman
  • Damages – FX – William Hurt, as Daniel Purcell
  • Lost – ABC – Michael Emerson, as Ben Linus
  • Mad Men – John Slattery, as Roger Sterling

like this needs to be said. Michael Emerson should win this, he should have won it a long time ago. How often does an actor actually raise the bar? Ben Linus has become the benchmark for villainy, and it’s not because Emerson plays a good ‘bad-guy,’ it’s because he plays a crafty manipulator, a grieving father, a jealous would-be lover, and a resourceful but duplicitous ally. True, these traits are the results of good writing, but they are written for an actor who the writers know can cover the range. Michael Emerson has made LOST a better show, and has no doubt pushed actors within and beyond LOST to do more.

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

  • Lost – The Incident – ABC – Carlton Cuse, Writer & Damon Lindelof, Writer
  • Mad Men – A Night To Remember – AMC – Robin Veith, Writer & Matthew Weiner, Writer
  • Mad Men – Six Month Leave – AMC – Andre Jacquemetton, Writer & Maria Jacquemetton, Writer &Matthew Weiner, Writer
  • Mad Men – The Jet Set – AMC – Matthew Weiner, Writer
  • Mad Men – Meditations In An Emergency – AMC – Kater Gordon, Writer & Matthew Weiner, Writer

So it takes four episodes of Mad Men to challenge one episode of LOST? Sounds like a fair fight to me. I see a lot of arguing already that “The Incident” was not the best episode of the season, but I have to say I think it is the best representative of LOST here. The Incident encompasses all of the gears and widgets of the LOST story machine that make it great. You had characters spread across a vast playing field racing an apocalyptic clock. You had character turns and sacrifices that were as surprising as they were believable. You had advancement of the LOST mythology that was on par with structure of classical myth, definitely a staple of the LOST standard operating procedure. And then, of course, was the ending. An uncompromising experiment in cliff hangars that could have easily been the biggest mistake the LOST braintrust ever made. Fading to white was surely a gamble, and doing it etched a place in the writer’s hall of fame for Darlton. It was both enormously frustrating, and unquestionably appropriate as we head into the final lap of LOST.

If you are interested in seeing more analysis and news on the Emmy nominations, visit our sister site We’ll be publishing updates and info all day long. Congrats to LOST, and Namaste.

  • downthehatch

    I really think Michael Cranston should win the Actor Emmy..again. I hate to say that, as I am HUGE on Lost, but his character resonates with so many emotions and nuances, I simply can’t see it going to anyone else. Emerson is great, but his character is NOT the main focus of LOST…as is the case with Hamm and Cranston, who are the pillars of their shows. Just my 2 cents.

    • downthehatch

      Of course I failed to read that it was Supporting actor. As Emily Latilla would say…Nevermind 🙂

      • docarzt

        Lol, ok.

    • docarzt

      Wow, I’d have to disagree at this point. Not with your choice, because everybody has a good reason to pick their favorite, but Ben has become a pillar of the LOST story. If you removed him, the story would not have advanced in the way it had – particularly since he is responsible for altering the politics of the island, and even off the island after he left.

  • James

    Aaron Paul loves LOST and Emerson so much I doubt he even want to win.

    • James


  • Stowaway

    Everything that was said about Michael Emerson is the complete truth. He deserves that Emmy all the way!

  • graham

    Good news!
    It’s great to see Emerson there. But I think that Holloway deserved it too. I would also add Terry, but he wasn’t submitted.

    As for the writing category, I think that it’s a good thing for Lost to have only one opponent, the Mad Men votes will be divided in 4 while all the Lost votes will go together.But, I have to say that Mad Men is one of my favorite shows.

    An regarding the Drama series category, this was maybe my favorite season of Lost, but Lost is not the type of show that the Emmy voters love, too sci-fi. So, I don’t have too much hope on this category and the Emmys are usually quite predictable.

    • copter

      I would add Terry too even though he wasn’t submitted. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham episode made me cry. Terry was superb in that.

  • How ridiculous is it that the five nominees for writing include 4 eps of Mad Men?

  • monkeyface

    hey, i commented here earlier and it is now gone? is there a problem?

    btw, i said how disappointed i was josh and elizabeth weren’t nominated. did i use bad language?

  • What is it about this season that everyone liked so much? I really don’t understand. My thought was that this season was even worse than the previous one had been. Is it really simply the characters versus plot thing? What am I missing that seems to be somewhat of a consensus?

    • neoloki

      Apparently everything. You really should watch season 5 in context with the rest of the series. I did this recently and season 5 really stood out as one of the most compelling and nuanced season’s of the entire series. Also, character development is going to take a back seat this close to the end game because that is how a good story works. The characters have been set and now it is time for Lost’s resolution. If you have the same attitude going into season 6 you will be disappointed because it is going to be a race to the finish from here on out.

      • Devin

        Actually, the writers have said that season 6 is going to be a lot like season 1 and be very character-heavy. I’m happy about this, cuz as much as I loved season 5, I missed the days of going into the characters more.

      • What do you mean, ‘in context with the rest of the series?’
        Compelling? Nuanced? Contrived. In my experience, good story remains true to the characters.
        Your point is acknowledged, but while the characters were set, they are not behaving as the characters they are; their actions have been adjusted for plot convenience, not based upon how their characters would respond.
        Attitude? An attitude is caring about consistent writing? I may be compelled to watch, but it is almost as if the past two seasons were a different show, there is such little connection.

  • Vital10

    I am shocked Josh wasn’t nominated. I don’t know if its because he started as the bad boy heartthrob on the show. He was the heart and soul of this season. Really the last few seasons. Very disappointing.

    • adam118

      I think he would have been up for Supporting Actor, conflicting with Emerson. If he was up for Lead Actor, hell yeah

  • adam118

    Lost will win BIG next year: Best Drama next year, along with best actor for Matthew Fox, and lots of other nominations. But I think Best Drama and Fox for Best Actor are (no pun intended) a lock har har har
    Lost seems to be the kind of show that the Emmy voters will give a big push to for its last season. Sort of like how
    Return Of The King kicked ass at the Oscars.

    • Devin

      Nothing against MF at all, he’s a good actor, but Lost has better ones, who I think deserve to win more. Of course Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn, and Josh Holloway are all fantastic. But then again, they wouldn’t be up for lead actor, so that doesn’t eliminate MF. We’ll just have to see.

  • neoloki

    I thought I posted this earlier but I am surprised that Jeremy Davies isn’t getting more attention. He is a fantastic actor and he definitely has the best resume of any one on Lost.

    • adam118

      Agreed. Would split the Lost votes if Davies was in the running too.

  • Chaim Mattis Keller

    What’s this “Grass Skirt Productions” I keep seeing associated with Lost in your article? Isn’t “Bad Robot” the production company for Lost?

  • bondsinseconds

    elizabeth mitchell was robbed!

  • Seabiscuit

    I saw nothing Emmy-worthy out of any of the cast except Evangeline Lilly(WHH) and TOQ (LD/JB). Not to say the rest were awful, but the performances were pretty tame and boring compared to previous seasons.

  • AlexJ

    Am I the only one that finds it really ridiculous that Lost is up against FOUR nominations of Mad Men for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series? And its not even the best episode of Season 5. It looks like they realized they can’t nominate 5 Mad Men episodes and decided to throw in a random episode of Lost. Thank you, Academy.

  • J’en r?clamerais encore n?goci? de cette facture.